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3 March, 2005, three people entered in my clinic, one man, one female and one Child, in the lap of her mother, the man is my old patient. He said to me; The Child is very Ill, his mother start weeping, I asked to her, what happen, she says, my Child is suffering from serious jaundice, I examine the Child and found the following sick image,


  1. The Child is in semi stupor Condition.
  2. White of eye is yellowish.
  3. Skin is so yellow,
  4. Urine passes involuntary, dark in color.
  5. Distended abdomen, (Due to constipation)
  6. Mild hepatomagally and spleenomegally.
  7. Slow, continue fever.
  8. Pulse slow, irregular.
  9. Child had passes no stool from last 20 day. (Marked Constipation.)
  10. Child is able to move his eye ball.
  11. No crying, no weeping.
  12.  I can not say anything about his understanding power, it is lost or not.


12 objective symptoms are found, no subjective symptoms.


HISTORY – I asked to his mother, what happen first time, she says to me, first time my child is suffering from continue fever, for that I have taken the treatment of allopathy but get no relief my child and his suffering is still in progress and now he is, as you seen.   


SICK IMAGE – Feature of jaundice with obstinate constipation, along with mild fever.  


PRESCRIPTION – Mag-mur – 30, (Eight dose Alter every 30 Minute) 


RESULT – Second day, his mother reported to me, after given the dose, at the night 3 AM. Child passes stool, which is very knotty, now fever is reduced and Child is able to speak,


Mag-mur – 30 Continue (Alter every two hour,)


Child is still in progress, now he is able to walk, playing, and appetite is returned back. White of Eye, Skin, and Urine, become clear, within two month.


Now his mother complaining to me for the weakness of child. 


  Now I prescribe to him China- 6 (Alter every two hour, for one month)

Child is completely cured within 3 Month.



Note – I have so many times verified the use of mag-mur in jaundice basis on the above mention sick image. (Jaundice with constipation, with mild fever) any one can verify this. It is very reliable. (Repertory not use for reference in this case.)


My recent verification is on my own daughter. Myself with family sleeping on the roof, at night I touch my daughter, she is warm, I think she is suffering from fever. Early morning I consult to a very experienced and old Homoeopath. He started treatment, but get no relief my daughter, last 10 days, she is suffering from fever, white of eye become yellowish, Urine is very dark, I Considered the case is converted into jaundice. She passes stool at the interval of 3 or 4 day.


I stop the treatment of old homoeopath, I give her mag-mur 30 at the night 3 AM. Alter every hour; in the morning till 9 AM Fever is reduced. Continue Five day, to given mag-mur my daughter is completely cure.     

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You want to say that we can prescribe on a single complete symptom for a disease condition like jaundice which usually takes at least 30 days to clear with Allopathy.Yes,i belive.Thanks for posting.


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