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A case of post-vaccination blues
A woman aged thirty-five came for an appointment saying she had been ill since having a flu vaccination nine months earlier.
     Immediately after the shot she developed chest pain. When she came to see me, she had a shooting pain behind her left breast and pain in her right breast extending down her right arm. At the same time, she had developed a strong fear of cancer and of what would happen to her children if she died. She was generally anxious and bit her nails. She also had a history of mouth ulcers, stiff knees, and a blocked nose with post-nasal drip. She was very prone to catching colds and was generally a chilly person.
     Silica is a remedy with indications that include painful shooting sensation behind the left breast. It can also be an excellent remedy for someone who has never been well since vaccination. It is indicated in anxious, chilly people who are prone to catching colds. I gave one dose of Silica 30C.
     Initially the pains in her breasts worsened and some old symptoms reappeared briefly: mouth ulcers, a blocked nose and sticky eyes, stiffness in the leg. She then began to feel much better. Two months after taking the homeopathic remedy, she reported that the pains had disappeared, her mind felt more focused, her fear of death had diminished, and she was generally less anxious. She felt stronger and was much less susceptible to the cold. Her health continued to improve, and many years later she continues to be well.

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This is excellent. Taking the case and repertorization instead of given standard "flu" remedy. We need more of these. Excellent Mary!


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