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Amma4Africa for HIV/AIDS - "Spreading Like Bushfire"

“This is spreading like bushfire,” Gordon Nyabade told us when we met him in Kenya last September. Within two years Gordon had distributed PC1 to some 3,000 AIDS-patients, and each and every day he would receive invitations to visit other villages where more HIV-positive people were eagerly awaiting him. Even KEMRI (the Kenyan Medical Research Institute) aired commercials on radio to promote PC1. “This remedy brings hope to Kenya,” said Joel Odondi, outreach manager of KEMRI, “We’ve noticed that the immune systems of patients on PC1 are restoring back to health. The longer we can keep people away from ARVs (anti-retro viral drugs), the better it is.”

During the Victoria Tour, we – Gerda Hofste, Frederique van Deursen and Harry van der Zee – received many similar testimonies, all boiling down to: PC1 is highly effective and because it has no side-effects and knows no therapy resistance, doctors who by now have realised the limitations of ARVs are thrilled. “This is a miracle remedy,” said doctor Chantal Sosole from DR Congo. “I had nine soldiers hospitalised with AIDS. They were already bedridden for a very long time. Just to test this new remedy, I gave each of them only one dose of PC1. After two days seven of them felt their energy and appetite coming back. They came out of their beds and a week later they went home. Another one took a bit more time and also went home. The last one was an advanced case of TB and regretfully died. Now, I give all my HIV-positive patients PC1 daily.”


Lake Victoria Tour

Gordon Nyabade and Trainees in Bukava

Thanks to donations we were able to buy a Toyota Noah, which will be permanently used for training and treatment in Kenya and Uganda. During a Lake Victoria Tour we made with our Amma4Africa ‘Ark’ we visited Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and DR Congo. We gave 12 trainings to 300 health professionals and people working for CBOs (community based organisations) and left sufficient PC remedies with them to treat 100,000 AIDS-patients. Besides AIDS, we focussed on Malaria, Diabetes and the Traumas of genocide, war and rape.

Earlier this year Nico Beentjes trained some 200 people in Tanzania, so in just this year some 500 newly certified African people have joined the Amma4Africa Network – indeed, “spreading like bushfire.”

Watch two new documentaries made during the Victoria Tour

In this year several new people have also joined ARHF as volunteers, resulting in a boost of our activities. Here are some of the current developments in Africa:

Recently, Daniel Sheinwald has started several projects in Ethiopia, including agricultural projects in which PC remedies are used to treat diseases that endanger crops, and a pilot study in one of the hospitals in Addis Ababa to test the effects of PC1 in HIV/AIDS.

In Ahero (near Kisumu) the Amma4Africa Clinic Ahero has opened its doors. Four assistants have been trained by Gerda and Harry and are being supervised by Gordon. Volunteering homeopaths will regularly visit the clinic to further train the assistants and to improve the treatment protocols. Treating causes with PC remedies by focussing on infectious diseases and (history of) trauma is the main strategy. Besides that, cases with chronic diseases that respond well to a disease specific approach, like diabetes and epilepsy, are also accepted.

Clinical data of several hundreds of AIDS-patients that clearly show the effectiveness of PC1 have been gathered. The most reliable and convincing result is an increase in the CD4 count (number of T-helper cells) which indicates improved immunity and means that patients are moving away from AIDS instead of heading towards it. (These results will be published later in more detail.)

Amma4Africa Ahero team and children in Katuna

In six locations dozens of health workers have been trained recently and positive reports about the results in treating HIV/AIDS, malaria, trauma and diabetes are now coming in. A next training and treatment trip to Uganda is planned for December 2013 and will also include the east and north part of the country.

Boaz, a community worker living in Kabale, close to Rwanda, is well on his way to reach his aim of treating 100 new AIDS-patients every month. ARHF will support him in setting up Amma4Africa Kabale, which will initially especially focus on treating AIDS and preventing malaria in the many orphans in the region.

In Rwanda the 1994 genocide is still very much present in its people, in a positive and a negative way. A positive outcome is that all Rwandese are very strongly motivated to never ever allow something like this to happen again. On the other side many, many people still feel the scars of the indescribable hurt inflicted on them or by them. We are negotiating with our contacts in Kigali to organise training for trauma experts on how to integrate the PC remedy for genocide trauma into their current ways of offering trauma relief. Hopefully this will manifest in 2014.

Flory and Alain have been making PC remedies available to patients in Burundi and East DR Congo for many years. They, Nico and the team that recently visited them have already trained about 200 people and literally thousands of patients have benefited from their endeavours. Here is just one example of the often amazing results they bring about in the cases they treat:

Three months before we visited Bujumbura, a 50-year-old man came to Giles, one of the PC Certified nurses. The patient was suffering from diabetes and insulin dependent, injecting it every day. He was prescribed PC Diabetes. He improved clinically so dramatically that he decided to stop injecting insulin (something we’d never recommend unless monitored closely by the responsible doctor). The incredible observation was that with PC Diabetes his blood sugars became normal and better regulated than when he was still using insulin.

The current 5-year-plan of Flory and Alain aims at training many more representatives of CBOs and NGOs in the region. As public transport is very unreliable, especially in DR Congo, they need a motorbike to be able to reach all the provinces and districts they intend to provide training for. It has happened that Alain had to walk back to Burundi, something which is not safe in East DR Congo, where rebels still kill and violate many people. To be able to work nationwide in Burundi they will register Amma4Africa Burundi, which will provide outreach training and treatment in the still war torn area of East DR Congo.

Doctors from Bujumbura have decided to study the results with PC1 in cases of HIV/AIDS that have become therapy resistant ('given up' patients that no longer respond to ARVs).

Frederique, Alain Gerda and Gordon taking cases

DR Congo
In East DR Congo ARHF has partnered with dozens of local organisations, and through the wonderful people working there beautiful work is being done. Let me share an example:

In Kiliba, like in all of South Kivu, there are many raped women. To the trauma of rape for many of them is added hostility of their husband and his family. If through the rape they have become pregnant, the situation is even worse. These “snake children” face a hidden and silent form of martyrdom. Unloved, and rejected by their families (by their involuntary mother and her family, as well as by their biological father's country), they risk joining the country’s vast population of street children, for which there is no protection against popular vendetta and cultural prejudices, leading to accusations of being the "seeds of demonic evil".

When these women and children receive the PC Remedy for rape trauma a beautiful response is observed. The mothers, once healed from the trauma, feel genuine love for their children.

These cases are amongst the most painful one can imagine and to observe the healing taking place in these women and their children is so incredibly gratifying! A big “thank you!” to all donors that make this work possible and to the people in the region that have followed our training and treat these people!

Our first serious steps into Tanzania were when we treated some 5,000 Congolese refugees in 2011. During that trip we also instructed several representatives of Tanzanian aid-organisations on how to treat epidemic diseases, and in early 2013 Nico Beentjes instructed many more when he was touring the country. Local representatives of ARHF are now working on the registration of Amma4Africa Tanzania and the legalisation of PC Remedies.

PC remedies have been used in Malawi since 2003. In April 2011 Joseph Msumba started a clinic in Chintheche, a region with a high prevalence of AIDS and also malaria. Starting 2012 ARHF has committed itself to supporting this clinic. Several homeopaths have now visited the Chintheche Homeopathy Clinic to train, supervise and treat. Some 2,000 patients per year visit the clinic and outreach is regularly organised in surrounding villages.

Ruthe Schoder-Ehri is one of the volunteers that felt a strong call to go back to Malawi. With the help of Beth Pointdexter she developed a protocol for studying malaria prophylaxis using PC Malaria. Malaria prophylaxis has been used earlier with good results in DR Congo and Malawi (Mzuzu) involving 600, respectively 300 children, many of whom are orphans. From November 2013 to April 2014 (the full malaria season) she will monitor a group of children very closely while, using schools and day care programs, making the prophylaxis available to many more.

Want to know more? Read ‘Homeopathy for Diseases’

Sunset over Lake Victoria

In August 2012 the book ‘Homeopathy for Diseases’ by Peter Chappell and Harry van der Zee was published. Illustrated with a wealth of case histories it explains the philosophy and practice of our work with epidemic diseases, trauma, intoxication and chronic diseases. Available at and

With thanks to Des Melvin the ARHF website has been renewed. The design has been greatly improved and new content has been added. See

Any homeopath interested in getting involved in the treatment of epidemics and trauma in Africa or other parts of the world is most welcome to work with us. You can be trained through skype or in person and ARHF can provide you with teaching material and remedies. In 2014 we are planning to organise a special training on how to work effectively in Africa and other low-income countries. Write to if you are interested to join. You are also welcome to adopt one of our projects and organise fundraising for it.

There is so much that we can do! To materialise the potential of Amma4Africa for many more people we need more volunteers and more money. You can help our projects mentioned above by donating to the account below or via where you can pay through Paypal or Giftaid. Any amount helps! All donated money is used for projects! Nobody receives a salary! Volunteers pay their own expenses!

Thank you for your attention
Thank you for your help

On behalf of dozens of organisations,
hundreds of certified PC facilitators and
thousands of clients  

Harry van der Zee M.D., Amma4Africa manager

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