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Alzheimer and Dementia were most difficult cases for me to tackle
successfully. Subjective symptoms were scarce, I  had to depend upon
objective symptoms and the past history. Success rate was minimal.
Consequently, I thought to invite the experiences of my fellow
Homeopaths to share their experiences, for the benefit of sufferers of
this disease.


Video on Alzheimer's Disease

Turning On Lights to Stop Neurodegeneration:
The Potential of Near Infrared Light Therapy in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease are the two most common neurodegenerative disorders. They develop after a progressive death of many neurons in the brain. Although therapies are available to treat the signs and symptoms of both diseases, the progression of neuronal death remains relentless, and it has proved difficult to slow or stop. Hence, there is a need to develop neuroprotective or disease-modifying treatments that stabilize this degeneration. Red to infrared light therapy (λ = 600–1070 nm), and in particular light in the near infrared (NIr) range, is emerging as a safe and effective therapy that is capable of arresting neuronal death. Previous studies have used NIr to treat tissue stressed by hypoxia, toxic insult, genetic mutation and mitochondrial dysfunction with much success. Here we propose NIr therapy as a neuroprotective or disease-modifying treatment for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's patients.

Alzheimer's — No More! by Andreas Moritz

Discover the True Causes and Empowering Steps You Can Take Now

Alzheimer's disease is one of the world's most feared diseases, and its numbers are only growing. Just about everyone has watched a friend or loved one seem to slip away before their eyes, or knows someone who has. 

While it currently afflicts 36 million people worldwide, Alzheimer's disease is expected to triple in the projections are mirrored globally, the growing incidence of Alzheimer's is staggering, bordering on epidemic proportions. 

It's a widely held myth that this downward cognitive spiral is "just part of the aging process." But this is patently false. And while mainstream medicine and Big Pharma will have you believe that you are powerless to prevent mental decline, this is simply not true. 

In this book, respected Ayurvedic physician and best selling author in the field of mind/body medicine and natural wellness, Andreas Moritz discusses the real root causes of Alzheimer's disease, both physical and spiritual. In his indomitable style, Andreas deftly lays out cutting edge research combined with centuries-old natural health wisdom giving you the powerful tools and inspiration to take control of your health for years to come.

Homöopathischer Sonntag - Das grosse Vergessen (Alzheimer) Andreas Krüger 3 CD's

Der Herausgeber schreibt:

Das große Vergessen - Alzheimer und andere demenzielle Syndrome
über die Homöotherapie der Sklerose, Vergesslichkeit und Lernschwäche

Die Homöopathischen Sonntage sind eine seit vielen Jahren regelmäßig jeden Monat an der Samuel-Hahnemann-Schule in Berlin stattfindende Veranstaltung, in denen ein halber Tag (fünf Stunden) einem einzigen Arzneimittel, einem theoretischen oder praktischen Thema umfassend gewidmet ist. Diese Veranstaltung besteht zumeist aus einer zum Thema passenden Meditation und Trance, Fallbeispielen, einer Übersicht über das Mittel/Thema und einem abschließenden - ebenfalls zum Thema passenden - Märchen. Diese Sonntage sind berühmt, nicht zuletzt weil an ihnen die besten der Krügerschen Seelenreisen stattfanden, die Sie auch großenteils in unseren Büchern und auf den Trancen-CDs wiederfinden.

Die Aufzeichnungen wurden vom Symbolon-Verlag (Frankfurt) bearbeitet und herausgegeben, geschmückt mit passenden Motiven und Bildern aus dem Symbolon-Verlag.

74. Homöopathischer Sonntag, Samuel-Hahnemann-Schule Berlin, 3. September 2000

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I just learned there may be some connection between facial sores and Alzheimer's disease

In the presence of a certain gene variation (APOE-epsilon4 allele carriers), scientists have found a possible link between the virus that causes cold sores or oral herpes and Alzheimer’s disease.  The primary herpes virus, HSV-1 appears to be particularly damaging to the nervous system, setting up the risk to Alzheimer'sAlzheimer’s as it interacts with the components and receptors of lipoproteins. Allopaths continue to search for the vector, virus and pathway for Alzheimer's so they can develop new drugs or possibly a vaccination.

HuffPost | The other major investigation into the cause of Alzheimer's is understanding of the role of accumulating beta amyloid in the brain as an "antimicrobial peptide" against viruses and bacteria. New brain scan techniques are now being tested.

"We're entering a new era. . . 
The old advice was to avoid testing for APOE because there was nothing that could be done about it. Now we're recommending that people find out their genetic status as early as possible so they can go on prevention."

"All of these patients had either well-defined mild cognitive impairment, subjective cognitive impairment, or had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease before beginning the program," says one of the team, Dale Bredesen, University of California, Los Angeles. "Follow up testing showed some of the patients going from abnormal to normal."
The study investigated the effects of a new kind of personalised treatment on the cognitive abilities of 10 patients who were experiencing age-related decline.
The treatment - called metabolic enhancement for neurodegeneration, or MEND - is based on 36 different factors, including changes in diet, exercise, and sleeping habits, plus the integration of certain drugs, vitamins, and brain stimulation therapy to their regular routine.

These lifestyle changes and treatments were sustained for five to 24 months, and the team from UCLA and the Buck Institute for Research on Ageing in California reports that many of the patients showed real, life-altering improvements as a result.
According to the researchers, this is the first study to objectively show that memory loss in patients can be reversed, and improvement sustained.
"The magnitude of improvement in these 10 patients is unprecedented, providing additional objective evidence that this programmatic approach to cognitive decline is highly effective," says Bredesen.
Publishing their results in the journal Aging, the team hasn't gone into much detail about how MEND works, probably because each treatment involves a complex combination of factors that has been specifically designed to treat just one individual, as each person's version of Alzheimer's appears to be different.
But they do mention something that all but one of the patients have in common - they are all at genetic risk for Alzheimer’s disease, carrying at least one copy of the APOE4 allele. Five of the patients are carrying two copies of APOE4, which gives them a 10- to 12-fold increased risk of developing the disease, the team explains.
This means there could be some benefit in getting tested for this genetic risk, because patients might finally be able to do something to stall the progression of the disease. Around 65 percent of Alzheimer's cases in the US involve APOE4.


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