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There’s a disturbing trend taking shape, with a recent onslaught of media articles seeking to put a bad spin on various complementary,homeopathic/ alternative medicine and natural medicine options.

The misinformation campaign is shifting into higher gear.

Is it a very deliberate and concerted media strategy?

Could there be any coincidence that this is all occurring just as the government is preparing health care reform?

What would happen If much of alternative medicine was determined illegal?

................................ that it smells like a witch hunt.

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Recent headlines include:
$2.5 billion spent, no alternative cures found
Big, government-funded studies show most work no better than placebos.

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Poll: How do you feel about alternative remedies?
Click on this link in the MSNBC article its obvious the 'skeptic' community has invaded these polls already!

See how the media uses propaganda by writing these articles;

Contaminants lurk in many ‘natural’ products. Tests find some herbal supplements may be doing more harm than good.

Cancer patients turning to alternative remedies. 60 percent seek natural ‘cures’ despite warnings from doctors.

Doctors eager to try ‘mystical mumbo jumbo’. Alternative remedies gain acceptance despite lack of evidence.

Many ‘natural’ products make dubious claims. A product with "natural" ingredients may be no better for you than one with artificial ingredients, but a lot of us still trust advertisements that suggest as much.

Reality check on supplements, remedies. Americans increasingly turn to alternative medicine. But does it really help?

$2.5 Billion spent, no alternative cures found. Big government-funded studies show most work no better than placebos.

Alternative heart disease treatment probed. Government investigating whether patients were told enough about risks.

Dr. Deepak Chopra responded to the Oprah bashing,yes even Opra has promoted Alternative /holistic medicine and now Big Pharma is angry!
The best thing to do is write your own clear article with data and evidence, anecdotes and journal articles that support your point of view.

Don't forget that most people are Turning to Alternatives for a reason. You will be giving more confirmation to their beliefs.
Dear Gina ~ I moved this discussion from 'inspiration' to 'legal questions' category. I know that on the outside appearances things do not bode well. However, the turbulence underneath the water tells us that people are not satisfied with the status-quo. They are not being served by health institutions and government. They are not sitting idly by anymore, but all the negativity is activating people to take control of their lives, their health and change the system.

There is great controversy about CODEX and being able to make your own selections and choices for natural remedies, supplements and vitamins.

Let's find ways to work with those who are fighting for our rights and freedoms. Learn from the leaders. Support each other.
I think it's better to be proactive rather than reactive. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. By getting caught up in the anti we give them our power. I say be aware it's going on but focus on the positive and getting solid info out to the public. They care little about the politics. All they want is good, solid info which helps. We can give them that!
I think homoeopathy is going through a birthing process. It gets worse before it gets better.
good analogy Madeleine


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