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Aloe Vera Treated Agrohomeopathic Silicea Strengthening and Miracle

Dear  Friends,

I would like to share another successful story of the Agrohomeopathic (AHom.) remedy that i use for a while. There is no doubt that AHom. remedies do miracles spectacularly in a short time (8-12 hours). Besides, it's cheap, effective, long-lasting (4-6 or even more months without re-applying again) and not harmful by any sense to the nature and its inhabitants.

The remedy we applied is the AHom. Silicea prepared strictly according to Kaviraj's method. We irrigated all the lands/soil once. The 'miracle' as you will see is the flower that the oldest plant gives! We have aloe vera plants for decades. They love to live among us but they never gave flowers, yet. AHom. Silicea did miracle.


If we use the AHom. dilutions, we don't need to repeat it because the effect lasts for months. Naturally, if we didn't find the right remedy, it won't or will be less effective. In this case we have to find the right one by or contacting an AHomeopathic Expert or find the remedy in one of the AHom. books that are available for public already. VD Kaviraj explains well the basics in his book.

If we use classical Homeopathic globules, the effect will not last for months and we need to use more pills in a liter of water.

There is a method/technique that VD Kaviraj worked out. How to prepare and apply the AHom. mix (mix doesn't mean using many remedies in one) with which we irrigate the plants' roots through the soil. Additionally, we can use the same liquid for spraying, for example, if we have millions of aphids on our trees or roses. We use plastic bottles for preparing the AHom flux and watering-can for irrigation. One plastic bottle for one dose. In order to clean the bottles, we must use hot steam but the bottle may fuse. Thus, if we need another dose from the same remedy, use another clean bottle as the antidote effect will weaken the same remedy on plants. We can use the sun with its sunlight to clean the bottles and watering-can. Leave them on the sun for a day. The preparation technique must be followed strictly as the effect of the AHom. mix will not be 'total' otherwise. You may ask whether the use of so many plastic bottles is expensive this way? It's not expensive, because in a garden, usually, we need about 4-8 remedies. If we have bigger garden, we will have to use more watering-cans, logically, and use steam to clean the cans.

Our experiences are that the AHom. remedies help each other and strengthen the irrigated plants and the plants around.

Pictures of Aloe Vera plants taken on different days










2012.05.28 - 10:45 AM

2012.05.28 - 13:44 PM

(As you can see the aloe flower is blooming.

Note: Today in the morning it was cloudy with summer showers. The set of 3 photos above was taken during the cloudy part of the day. Not long after the showers stopped and the sun started to appear, we spotted that the aloe vera's flower blew, suddenly.)



The dried flower of the aloe vera gives a pretty sweet tear drop.





Imagine if the Sylviculture / Viticulture / Horticulture Experts, Companies, Ministries, Agencies as well as the people would use the same Agrohomeopathic Remedies all around the world. The funds they would save is billions and billions every year. No side-effects/harm, no poisoning, no sicknesses among the people, animals and in the ecology! What a potential God gave to us but this potential isn't about greed, corruption, ego, harm but compassion, love, selfless-giving, healing without side-effects, healing with our ecosystem!

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Thanks for keeping a pictorial record. Do you remember when you sprayed this plant?


I irrigated the soil in the mid of April 2012. Then replanted them in those new pots and added more soil (not acidic) on April 28th, 2012. The pots in which they were previously were small ones. The old soil wasn't used in the new pots.

The interesting detail is that the soil is not typically sandy as usually in the desert but not acidic.


Originally, I used one plastic bottle for different remedies. I washed the bottle with hot water and put on the sun for 24 hrs or more each time I needed an AHom remedy. I washed the watering-cans with boiled water as earlier noted.

This problem of ‘antidote’ came out when the roses were infected by aphids. We have dozens of roses here that requires plenty of 1 liters of mix as they become infected suddenly and all of them and not one after another. I used 1 liter plastic bottle for making the mixture that was added in the 20 or 10 liters watering-can…then filled the bottle with water from the watering-can each time till I used all 20 or 10 liters. So, I started one day in the late afternoon and continued/finished the next day. On the third day, I noticed that the effect on the roses irrigated on the second day wasn't total i.e. 20% from 100%. I repeated the irrigation of those roses on which the remedy didn't work for 10 days, several times. No success at all.

It was a long process to find out why were the 2nd, 3rd, etc attempts not successful. I made about 2 dozens of attempts till this 'mistake' was found out. The conclusion was that the water wasn't enough hot to wash the bottle from inside. There were particles of the remedy (coccinella s.) attached to the inner part of the previously used bottle (same coccinella s.) that caused the antidote effect in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th mixes, before the watering. Kavi was the one who reminded me this possibility.


The sun behind my window seems that wasn’t enough to destroy the remedy’s particles. The direct sun in the garden is not the same as behind the window, btw.

The watering-can can be washed with boiling water if we don't have steam and it must be well rinsed for few more times with hot water. It will sustain the steam. The plastic bottle that I use will not. These bottles are originally filled with milk and are thin. I wash the bottles with hot water and vegan lavender soap. Then use them for AHomeopathy.

The effect may be also not total if we add the 1 liter on the 19 or 9 liters and not before we add the 19 or 9 liters in the watering can.

 So, the antidote effect may evolve in the mix before it’s watered on the roots.


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