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Allopathy (Modern medicine) classifies diseases into 1) congenital - like hare lip 2) inflammatory- like all infections 3) degenerative - like sclerosis, cataract,diabetes etc 4) Neoplastic or regenerative like- tumors and cancers and 5) traumatic ie all injuries. Homeopaths think they can not cure or treat congenital or traumatic diseases.

Congenital diseases are mostly are caused by changes in the metabolism of the pregnant mother and can be successfully prevented by Ante natal homeo care of the mother. Sulphur in low dilutions administered to mother during the first three months of gestation prevents many congenital diseases. Anacardium in very high dilutions does the same.

Trauma is not preventable by medicines. But treating trauma is clearly on Hahnemann`s philosophy. A cut in skin is sutured. The cut is trauma. It is treated by suturing. Suturing means traumatising the healthy skin on both sides of the cut and putting a knot of the suturing material. This is trauma to treat trauma. Fracture is caused by mechanical force on bone. It is treated by mechanically adjusting the broken pieces and mechanically immobilizing the part. "Trauma to treat trama is similibia etc" Criticism solicited. Feedback as well

More about allopathic view of Miasms later

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Thank you Dr Swamy for starting this line of thought. Perhaps more explanation for each of the categories? You are saying that congenital disease can be prevented through pre-natal care. Any further suggestions will be useful to those caring for young families.

I would like to know of your experience with the degenerative disease as it is so common today.
More about miasms and degenerative diseases later . Large babies suffer from slow growth and delayed milestones of growth
Names like Psoriasis, Multiple sclerosis are used in modern medicine which is erroneously called Allopathy. In Orthodox Homeopathy patients were referred to as Belladona patient,Nux vomica patient etc . Chelidonium patient means one who benefits from Chelidoneum But now a days many use terms used in modern medicine as diagnoses.
Congenital diseases (mostly) are caused by RUBELLA VIRUS infection. Rubella vaccine in the first trimster of pregnancy repeated in 2nd and 3rd prevent many congenital diseases. Gestational diabetes produces large babies and strict control of diabetes among pregnant women prevents obesity in the new born and early infancy.I am an incurable fan of SULPHUR and SULPHUR is well documented to prevent and treat infections including RUBELLA VIRUS . Any vaccination is strictly Homeopathic because to prevent an infection the infecting Virus only is administered .
I J Swamy ~ Perhaps many of these ideas could be posted under the category of Pregnancy?

Are homeopaths supposed to say, "Belladonna patient" or is it best to say "a patient who will benefit from Belladonna?" Is this not just a short hand abbreviation? Aren't they meaning the second phrase?

When you say today they use the modern terms, are you saying they use the 'named disease' such as GERD or are you saying they use the remedy name such as 'nux-vomica patient?"

I am unfamiliar with women being given a rubella vaccine during pregnancy. Is this a typical procedure? This vaccine [MMR] is given to young children.

What is the cause of Gestational diabetes? How can it be prevented? Through a correct remedy given during pregnancy?

I am sorry to hear you are an "incurable" fan of Sulphur. [LOL] We wish everyone to have a cure to their disorders and be healthy and happy. :-)

I wish everyone could simply have a dose of Sulphur and find all disease vanish.
Thank you for the feedback. I repeat "nature is the best doctor " to prevent or treat. Till 1965 several women in USA received Rubella vaccine alone. But it was discontinued later because "nature"took over.Pregnant women infected with Rubella aborted during first trimester . This "natural" abortion gave them immunity against Rubella. Their next pregnancy therefore was uneventful. Rubella per se is an infection during childhood.The present MMR virtually eliminated the need for Rubella vaccine for women.At present lab test is available to detect their susceptibility to Rubella. Only those susceptible are immunised seperately for Rubella in selected hospitals.
Gestational diabetes is mostly but not always caused by excessive production of growth hormone and excessive weight gain during pregnancy. From the first month till confinement remedies can be selected to prevent weight gain.
A seperate blog on pregnancy can be written later . Now I am doing home work to explain "MIASMS" as an Allopath. I need some time
Degenerative diseases are of many types. Psoric -Alopecia areata ,Sycotic-Fibromyalgia ,and Syphilitic --Poly areritis nodosa (please be mercilessly critical but wait for a reply)
Many Degenerative diseases (not mentioned above) initially should first receive Baryta carb 3x to 6x and other remedies later

Sulphur is useful in many conditions .


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