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How would one go about treating a patient after this kind of surgery?

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Do you mean homeopathically?

Usually gall bladder is removed during surgery (Cholesystectomy) and very few (about 10%) people develop problems like chronic diarrhea, persistant pain in right upper abdomen and GI distress together called Postcholesystectomy syndrome. 

nux, china, lyc may help commonly

Yes I meant homeopathically Debby. 

Thank you Dr. Shashi, I just thought it would really hard to treat a person of this kind as she is an activist trying to bring about awareness of genetically modified foods that affects us all today

I would just take the symptoms the patient has and prescribe on that basis. I think it would be very important to give weight to the symptoms that have appeared since the surgery though.

I agree with David,homeopathy treats symptoms( of the patient who has had surgery). Shashi i think also points to the same approach.Diarrhea may have been one such symptom.

Will share the outcome when I take the case as it will be interesting, thank you for the opinions, I appreciate it very much


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