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Toe issues in a 3 year old.

  • Initial treatments include tea tree oil, herbal salves, soaking feet in different solutions.
  • Considered circulation issues. 
  • All home treatments. 
  • Has not seen an allopathic doctor. 
  • Child typically runs around the house and ocassionally hits his pinky toes and both on either foot has swelled up from this, but after a day swelling goes down. 
  • He doesn't limp or have any pain when walking, running, etc. 
  • The toes (pinky, one in from pinky and big toe) turn red, are somewhat swollen and are extremely itchy at odd times. 
  • Skin on the toes begins to harden, discoloring (blue) and scaling. 
  • Toes are not painful.
  • Toes just itch from time to time to the point where child cries they itch so badly. 
  • Mother massages and rubs his feet. 
  • Notice a small splinter in his heel. 
  • Parents say the child runs around on their deck sometimes without shoes and he keeps getting splinters from the deck in his toes. 
  • This is the first one in his heel. 
  • The toes that are now affected originally had splinters pulled out of them in the past. 
  • The deck is a painted pressure treated wood that is old and splintering.
  • Pressure treated wood may contain toxins, such as CCA (chromate-copper-arsenate). 
  • Can this child be reacting to treated wood poisons?
  • There are no other issues anywhere else on his body. 
  • He is an exuberant, happy little boy, who you wouldn't know anything is wrong until the itching starts, even though the redness, scaly toes are a constant. 
  • He never has gotten sick except for the last six months he has had a couple bouts of sinus congestion and chest congestion. 
  • Parents started pulling splinters out about 6 months ago and the itching began about 3-4 months ago. 
  •  Any ideas and help would be appreciated.

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May be due to scarcity of circulation due to pressure effect. Tolle causum to be removed. Agaricus muscarius may help.

Dear Teresa

Hypericum followed by Ledum Pal would answer the causation. ( 10M or higher )

Silica and Calc fluor can be considered later , in a lower potency if the hardening persists.

This will help.




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