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Acrocyanosis is persistent, painless, symmetric cyanosis of the hands, feet, or face caused by vasospasm of the small vessels of the skin in response to cold.

Acrocyanosis usually occurs in women and is not associated with occlusive arterial disease. The digits and hands or feet are persistently cold and bluish, sweat profusely, and may swell. In acrocyanosis, unlike Raynaud's syndrome, cyanosis persists and is not easily reversed, trophic changes and ulcers do not occur, and pain is absent. Pulses are normal.

In Allopathy, no treatment is recomended except reassurance. Have some of us had the experience to treat the case of Acrocynosis?

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Acrocyanosis is a decrease in the amount of oxygen delivered to the extremities. The hands and feet turn blue because of the lack of oxygen.

So there are so many remedies which are oxygen carrier i.e. Carbo veg. Puls.

Heart & circulation; congestion; bloodvessels; veins:
arist-cl bell-p chin-ar ham puls sep SULPH. 

Dr. Saraswat has answered this question in the same language in which I would do.


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