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Yoga practice can have numerous health benefits for a person's mind, body, and spirit. For people who are in a healthy state, yoga works to:

* Increase Flexibility
* Increase Strength Within a Wide Range of Motion
* Increase Muscle Tone
* Increase Strength of Ligaments and Tendons
* Increase Circulation and Lubrication Within Joints
* Massage and Stimulate All Organs of the Body
* Complete Detoxification
* Quiet and Focus The Mind
* Integrate Mind Body and Spirit
* Creates a Balanced Sense of Being

For those suffering from illness, Yoga Therapy can help manage and/or alleviate:

* A Wide Range of Digestive Disorders
* Chronic Pain
* Spinal Degeneration
* Arthritis
* Anxiety
* Depression
* Diabetes
* Asthma
* Heart Disease
* Thyroid Disease
* Hypertension
"Yoga” as is most commonly practiced today is “Hatha Yoga,” the physical aspect within an extensive system of spiritual practice. It uses a series, of poses, postures, breathing techniques, and lifestyle suggestions to achieve a state of balanced awareness within a person’s mind, body and spirit.

This ancient practice has evolved in many different directions and though many share similar techniques, each style has unique characteristics.  Many practice Yoga to build and refine themselves, yet it is also taught to people with illness in ways that address their particular needs. This form of Yoga Therapy is becoming widely popular and can be very beneficial for a wide variety of illnesses.

Yoga is a vast system of self-cultivation and its many health benefits are just as profound.Thanks

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Thank you for starting this thread of information Sunil.
Thanks a lot for joining yoga discussion............
ur requirments i fullfeel pls see nd wellcome ur comment thanks again

Thank you for talking about Yoga. I would like to share my story with you. I have been a homeopath for 20 years now and have also been treated by homeopathy over the past 20 years without success. I have struggled to keep my clinic going, here in New Zealand this is very hard. I had some success and some failures.But my biggest dissapointment has been that over the past 20 years i have spend so much money on homeopath without getting relief. Then last February when my dog past away from bone cancer that I failed to treat succesfully, I started to feel very down. I felt there had to be something out there that would cure and not just give temporary relief. There had to be something that did not cost so much money.

I discovered Pranayama and Asana yoga. I practice now regularly Pranayama and Asana for the past 9 month a minimum of 1 hour a day. My migrains I had for 40 years disappeard after 1 month of practicing pranayama. My sciatica that I had for 6 years disapeard after 2 weeks, my frozen shoulders and joint pains are now 75% better. My moods and over all well being has just been amazing, and it has not cost me anything. To me this is just amazing. The best thing I have ever done. Why did homeopathy fail me? I am bogging about my Journey with Pranayama and YogAsana on http;//

Barbara Schaer


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