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Picturization of Abies canadensis told from a physiological and miasmatic point of view. Open the Powerpoint attached below to learn the homeopathic presentation. 

The bark and the prepared resinous exudate of the Abies canadensis, Michaux. (Pinus canadensis, Linné; Picea canadensis, Link; Tsuga canadensis, Carrière). Nat. Ord.—Coniferae.

COMMON NAMES:—Hemlock, Hemlock spruce.

Wikipedia: History and Chemical Composition.—The Hemlock spruce is a well-known indigenous tree, abounding in the forests of the Northern States and Canada. The tree is found in the same latitudes and elevations as the A. balsamea. It flowers in May. The juice or oleoresin, known as Canada pitch, or incorrectly as Gum hemlock (for a description of which see Pix Canadensis), oozes from the tree, without any incisions being made, and concretes upon its external surface; the bark is removed from the tree, cut into large fragments, and boiled in water. As the resin ascends to float upon the water, it is removed by skimming and thrown into cold water. It is then placed in a coarse linen bag, and boiled a second time, to remove its impurities—(Jour. Phil. Col. Pharm., Vol. II, p. 20).

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A Very good presentation....
Nice one... Great... Blessings.
Good information. Helpful to learn this remedy.
Thanks for Complementary work
Thanks Dr.


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