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A Woman with Determination - Severed Nerve - Can Homeopathy Help?

 DETERMINATION - May 31, 2010

Nina has been on YouTube almost one full year. 
She is a popular figure sharing her life story.
She starts off telling what has happened to her, including that her two children are gay. She also smokes cigarettes, even though she has cancer and must know it is not healthy. She is overweight. Now, she guides other people who have troubled lives. Nina is a very religious person.

She has been treated for breast cancer and a heart attack. Presently, Nina is living in a wheelchair because the doctors cut her nerve during a cardiac catheterzation procedure.
Does anyone have any ideas to support this woman? 

What kind of rubrics would you search to determine the best remedy to help this wonderful woman? 

A lot has happened to Nina since she started doing YouTube 9 months ago. Here is her most recent video since finding out that she has been 'spot-lighted' by YouTube.

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The injured nerve may be very slowly repaired if the cut ends are adjacent to each other. For partially torn nerves, Ledum Pal 1M one dose followed by Hypericum 6 c twice daily for long time.


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