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It has been about 2 months or so now, since I have joined the HWC and since this time, my life has changed. I can't begin to explain how much I have learned. I feel so privileged to have access to so much valuable information and to have to opportunity to meet and talk to so many "like minded" individuals around the world. It really makes me feel that there are no bounds and distances between us all.
I look forward to growing with the HWC sharing my information and stories along the way.

I think this site is brilliant and just absolutely love it.

Lucy Lagana

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Wow thank you for these beautiful words Lucy - I can´t I agree with you more. It is a priviledge to be able to read and learn from all the great collegues from all around the world.

My best to you and to all HWC members :D
Gudny Osk
Well, Debby wants quality, and it is noticed by all that quality always wins. Three hurrah's for Debby and her marvelous work, without whom we would have none of this.

I agree, there are such wonderful people here with vast amounts of experience and a willingness to share - i have not even had the time or chance to look at it all. There is so much that it is of utmost importance and interest, one does not even know where to start. I have learnt a great deal more in these last months than in several periods before. And look forward to learning more.

We have an infinite subject before us and are all eternal students. Those that think they can have it in their grasp are possessed by the measuring nature and want something that can be felt with the fingers and seen by the eye. Homoeopathy is way beyond that and simutaneously accessible to every sincere student.
HWC the brain child of Debby,is something that has not happened in last 40 years since internet was born,and only now has emerged as a wonderful piece ofapplied IT technology that is changing the world of homeopathic knowledge and bringing homeopath throughout the world on a common platform.

It is truly an ingenious platform, a virtual "UNITED NATIONS OF HOMEOPATHY";Here we discuss our problems, share our knowledge,speak out our strength,and bow our heads for our weaknesses.Here we as homeopaths are making effort to help each other and making effort to reduce the suffering of humanity in terms of health and disease.

HWC is destined to grow under leadership of Debby,from strength to strength.I congratulate her with all at HWC,and wish her and her family with best of every thing and good health;;
I am truly humbled. Words cannot say. You know it is all composed of the members. Gosh! It feels like a stage performer who thanks the audience. As you know, this is on-going development that takes it's own course at sea. What you think or envision transforms into new forms, having its own life because of the people who make it their own. It is you!



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