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A victim of allopathic medicine
Miss abc-13yrs/F , r/o new delhi-37, 21-8-2010

The patient developed fever 2 months back with headache and vomiting. She was treated by several allopathic doctors but there was no relief. Lastly she was admitted in safdarjang hospital, a reputed hospital of Delhi, where the doctors controlled her fever and vomiting and dischareged the patient from the hospital saying that the patient is o.k.

After few days the patient developed some complaints given below:

1. Headache, some time severe < slight mental exertion

2. Intolerance of noise, with desire to be alone.

3. Dullness+++ with desire to lie in bed

4. Drowsiness with desire to sleep

5. Liver tender ++++

P/H-1. Typhoid 1 yr back, 2. Jaundice 14 month back

Treatment: Medicine given on symptom similarities:

1. Hyos-30/ 1 dose daily

2. Typhoidinum – 30 / 1 dose daily

3. Cal ars- 30/ 1 dose daily


1. Pt developed fever and vomiting as before.

2. Vomiting: only after eating and not after drinking.

Medicines: ferr met 30/twice daily


1. Fever relieved ---------------70 %

2. Headach amel-----------------50%

3. Pain abdomen amel--------------50%

4. Dullness less----------------25%

5. Vomiting as it was

Medicines:1. phos 30, 2. Ferr met 303.  Cal ars 30 each 1 dose daily.

3. headache amel-------------------75%

4. pain abd-------------------amel 75%

5. fever amel ------------100%


1. HEADACHE AMEL -----------100%

2. Bodyache amel --------------100%

3. Vomiting of white mucus and < after food

4. Change of temp causes chest pain

Med: 1. Sul 30/ 1 dose daily, 2.  Ferr met 30/ 1 dose daily

3. Chel 30/ 1 dose daily

Note: Running from the throat, the mucus accumulates in the stomach and causing vomiting.

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While appreciating the Allopathic spoiled case treated by you successfully, yet I will like to learn , how did you select,multiple remedies all at a time, in this case.

1st Rx:

1.Hyos-30/ 1 dose daily

2. Typhoidinum – 30 / 1 dose daily

3. Cal ars- 30/ 1 dose daily.

2nd Rx:

1. phos 30, 2. Ferr met 303.
Cal ars 30 each 1 dose daily.

3rd Rx:

1. Sul 30/ 1 dose daily, 2.
Ferr met
30/ 1 dose daily

3. Chel 30/ 1 dose daily
We would all like further explanation of your remedy selections. What allopathic medicines were given? What were patient's own words? why would more than one remedy be given at the same time?
my dear Debby Bruck and dr sushil
thank you very much for quick response.
1. what allopathic medicines were given to the pt is presently not noted in my record but according to the attendants of the pt she was treated in the hospital one line of fever and vomiting. i will try my best to find out the allopathic medicines given to the pt to deal with fever and vomiting.
2. patient's own wording: whatever i have mentioned in the case are the wordings of the patient and her mother.i have only translated in English language.
3. the last and the important is selection of more than one medicine at a time:homeopathic doctors treats patients having different aims and objects. in this particular case my only aim is to recover the patient quickly without giving any harm and without giving any undesirable aggravation to the patient and in the shortest time.i am a clinician i know the meaning of case taking, importance of time taken in the treatment, when a patient should be given single medicine and when he should be given more than one medicine to get proper action. in this particular case there is no harm if given more than one remedy in same day.homeopathy is a science of experience. nothing is fixed in the science. principles are made to be changed or amended. adopting and following some new principles i treated more than 200 cases giving more than one remedy in repeated dose and found the better result, there was no undesirable aggravation in any case, and ultimately increased my cure rate.
I use the remedy on the basis of basic cause and their effect on pt.
if there is more than two causes and producing different effect on dynamic level and represent two medicine at a time i can select two medicine at a time adopting a principle " if two medicines are selected on the basis of different immaterial genetic characteristics they are never inimical but cooperative to each other,there is no chance of any aggravation"
there are huge potentials in homeopathy but we homeopaths are using a very less percentage of f its potential.
this topic requires a long discussion. producing the above case i only want to compare homeopathy and allopathy in this very scientific age.

with regard
dr e a farooquee
Dear Dr. Farooquee. Thanks. You said the selection were based upon :

basic cause and their effect on pt.

Also you added :

if two medicines are selected on the basis of different immaterial genetic characteristics they are never inimical but cooperative to each other,there is no chance of any aggravation".

You are requested to please, let us know the details of the following terms, which had been used by you in order to explain your points in selection of 2-3 remedies at a time:

1. basic cause and their effect on pt.

2. different immaterial genetic characteristics.
1. BASIC CAUSE AND THEIR EFFECT ON PATIENT: in broad spectrum all the diseases may be devided into two catogaris on the basis of cause.
a. immaterial cause: the effect of immaterial cause on the patient is generally immaterial in characteristic. ego, sympathy, cruelty are the example of the effect of immaterial genetic disease.
b. material cause: all the virus, bacteria,fungus , heat and cold are materials causes of disease. the inflammation and destruction of cells and tissue are the result of such causes. the symptoms related to the cell and tissue are the effect of material causes.
note: a so called chronic disease is the result of both the causes mentioned above
2. GENETIC CHARACTERISTICS: all the immaterial characteristics are inherited through the genes. so it is called immaterial genetic person may have more than one immaterial genetic characteristics and indicate more than one remedy.

with regard
dr e a farooquee
Dr Farooquee

I hope it is simply that your English language skills are not as good as you would like, and not that the content of your posts are correct in meaning and that the words are exactly what you wish to convey.

If it is that what you wrote is what you mean, by the nature of this content, it can only be assumed that a/. you have a complete disregard for the years of research and conclusions reached by Hahnemann and colleagues, or b/. You have not read Hahnemann and do not have a grasp on the basic understanding of chronic disease, genetic dispostion, remedy action, disimilar diseases and even what to prescribe for and case management, given your explanations.

In presenting the case you did, and observing the manner in which the remedies were given, in conjunction with the explanations proffered, you have invited critique of the whole case.

Before going to the repertory, based on your description of the patients state, a partial diagnosis of mismanaged Jaundice with overlaid Typhoid could be made. This appears to be compounded by allopathic treatment.

Using the Kents repertory, given the symptoms you presented, Only Phosporus was indicated to any degree of similarity.

Using the Therapeutic Pocket Book and the symptoms you indicated, Nux Vomica was grade 4 in every major symptom covering the whole case including suppression from mis management allopathically. In reading the Materia Medica, you could see the progression and symptoms clearly.

From your description of the symptoms, there was only one disorder showing with extreme suppression. Not two sides of a disease and not even a disimilar disease because the symptoms were progressive.

I am failing to see how you can justify the prescriptions made on any criteria based on the practice of homoeopathy.

The prescriptions made did not take in account changing symptoms, and thus justify a change in medicine. They were given concurrently for the same set of symptoms.

Which medicine/s were curative? What protocol did you use for prescribing?

These are the questions that are raised from this case presentation. Given the diversity of practice methods, many of us do not take things at face value especially when presented with what appears to be a definitive statement of why things work but are not in harmony with the scientific practice of Homoeopathy.

We would appreciate a much more detailed case presentation and explanation because as it is, It is not explanatory in any detail.

hi dr gray.
i am a clinician and not a student of English language so kindly english language skills.
there is no question of disregard for the work of dr hahnemann. the unique discovery of dr hahnemann was the dynamic potency and and its proper use. i used the dynamic potency in the case mentioned.the case taking ,the selection of medicine and the result of the treatment is the evidence that whether i have knowledge of chronic disease, genetic disposition and remedy action.
the better result in any case mostly depend upon the evaluation of symptoms and selection of this case i have adopted a new method of evaluation of the symptomthat is also true and effective. it is based upon my experience. dr hahneman believe that homeopathy is the science of experience.i have used mor than one remedy at a time without compounding it.
it is true that i have not follow the method of selection prescribed by the other homeopaths but considering the result of the treatment where am i wrong?
after the 1st prescription the suppressed symptoms of the pt came out after 24 hours. the change in the medicine was justified with the changed symptoms.

i shall be greatful to you if you explain the different between chronic disease and genetic disposition.

with regard
dr e a farooquee
Thanks. Very good and informative case.


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