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I joined Homeopathic World community very recently.I am impressed by the
standards it is maintaining, the relentless efforts of Debby , and the
other contributors.Here history is being created by discussion on.some
of the very fundamental issues,pertaining to very basic laws of
.Warm regards to all the members of this community & thanks to Debby
for her creation.

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Dear Dr Suhil - It is a true joy to have active members, people having conversations, and everyone sharing their knowledge. Most importantly, we must teach the world the importance and healing power of homeopathy through activity on the internet. I hope you are right about making history!

much appreciation
Welcome Sir. Indeed the basic laws of Homeopathy should be discussed here as a means to refine the constitution of our art. For homeopathy is like an ocean of which each homeopath is a single droplet. Combined and aligned the vitality of such a homeopathic wave - in the spheres of mind, feeling, spirit and philosophy will bring vitality, healing and goodness to the earth.


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