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A insight into what big pharma is all about,No its not about making the sick well. Its about:
contracts,stakeholders,business,marketing,outsourcing,sales,orders,cost estimates,key players................$$$$$$$$

Can we as Homeopaths use these marketing programs?
Instead of sales in toxic allopathics ,drum up sales and promotions in homeopathics?

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according to the Department of Health and Human Services, in 2001, there were more than 3.1 billion prescriptions written in the United States. That's more than ten for every person living in the U.S.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that 44% of all Americans are taking at least one prescription drug and that 16.5% are taking at least three. For senior citizens, the numbers are even more stunning. An astounding 94% of all people over the age of 65 are taking at least ONE prescription drug and 23% are taking at lease FIVE! Among women over 65, 12%, or almost one in eight are taking TEN or more prescription drugs!

HOW DO WE GET THESE 3 BILLION prescriptions TO BE HOMEOPATHIC prescriptions?
LEARN from our competition BIg Pharma Corp.
And Expose their faults,corruption,bribery,manipulation.
The more the public searches for drug info the more facts they see-exposing these toxins.
These have been useful posts. Thank you.
Hi Friederike
Yes agreed 100%
The differences between homeopathy and allopathy is 180 degrees the opposite direction in its healing methods in its principles of cure and in its marketing proposals.
I put up the post to generate discussion showing the extremes of what toxic allopathy has to go through to get the public to buy this dangerous medicine.
Allopathics does NOT work
Allopathics only does harm
Allopathics cause chronic iatrogenic diseases
Allopathics is costly for consumers
Allopathics is backed by corruption/propaganda/politics/manipulation.
-------------------------------------------------------------So you see homeopathy is NOthing like Allopathic medicine and never will be.
Homeopathy sells itself
Homeopathy cures the incurables
Homeopathy always works
Homeopathy is cheap
Homeopathy does not cause side effects
Homeopathy is not run via corruption,manipulation,propaganda.
Yes you might NOT get rich being a homeopath but at least you can help the sick,more than what allopathy does
an edit-Revise my wording to:" Homeopathy is cheap"
Homeopathy is Inexpensive.

Thanks Debby for noting this in my post.


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