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Homeopathy World Community

Creating Waves of Awareness

What is HWC? A Personal Review
Retrospective: Taking a Look Back

A little over one year has passed since the doors of Homeopathy World Community opened. I have gained so much of an education and made so many friends. We have all traveled very far, not just over continents, but in developing this website. In an attempt to re-evaluate the HWC Mission of Creating Waves of Awareness, I thought we could see what we've accomplished together. Does everyone feel we are building a family? There has been a personal commitment of much time, thought, energy and creativity in an effort to make everything run smoothly.
How Does an Active Member Contribute?
Although it is not the beginning or end of a year when we traditionally step back to reassess where we have been and where we are going, it seemed like a perfectly good time in my mind. Perhaps you are also asking yourselves about your commitment to HWC? It would be interesting to learn how the members view the community and what goes on day-to-day or month-to-month. If you do not regularly post comments, messages, blogs or discussions we'd like to learn what is preventing you from being more active? Sometimes I wonder whether the broadcast email messages are reaching people's inboxes.
Active members have choices to contribute in their own special way. All the options to chat, comment, introduce yourself, write a personal story or a cured case report, demonstrate your writing skills with a forum discussion or share some photos or videos are available. One really big contribution is to comment, rate and share the work of other people.
Making Allowances and Understanding Behavior
Everyone has a reason for their activity on the network, whether you pop in once in a while to check out the current events or sit a while each day blabbing with friends. Some people peek in from the sidelines and no one even knows they've been here. Others are out front and center.
Our Mission: Creating Waves of Awareness
How does HWC serve you and in the immortal words of President John F. Kennedy, "... ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country." That means giving back to help us grow and fulfill the mission of spreading homeopathy around the globe. We raised thousands of dollars to send Kaviraj and Ingrid Schutt to Haiti after the earthquake. Two people won a raffle and many wonderful people donated hundreds of valuable remedies. HWC participated in the annual World Homeopathy Awareness Week event with a major Twitter Campaign. Six FREE teleconferences were provided to help everyone upgrade their marketing and social networking skills to get our message out to the news media and the public.
We have accomplished a mind-blowing amount in a little over one year. With more than 2000 members there are 2275 photos, 279 videos uploaded, 1495 forum topics, 184 events announced, 858 blogs, 81 groups. We are running a little known twitterfeed, a daily active live chat, a 5-day a week radio show on the Organon with Vera Resnick, and a few advertisers to help support this network. We've begun a monthly newsletter to keep the lines of communication open. HWC has a strong relationship with WHAW and started to develop a YouTube Channel.
We've all promoted many good causes including the documentary film From Within Without by blogging and tweeting, plus a number of donations were given so that the HWC name will be in the credits of the finished film. We helped boost Heather Caruso's award winning homeopathy book to third place in a major Canadian internet book publishing company. Dr Shakoor Khan won the MacRepertory 8 computer program for participating in our 2010 WHAW fundraising campaign. Many HWC have jumped on the TWITTER major news-making bandwagon with 163 people now wearing the TWIBBON that shows their affiliation and promotion of Homeopathy around the world. One of the best parts of HWC is reading the enlightening discussions. My favorite one is about the Placebo Effect. Oh, wait, there are so many, like the Crying Baby and ...

Apologies to Those Who Should Not Be Overlooked
Many people have my issue ~ "forgetfulness" and "difficulty remembering names." This year has been a challenge to put names to faces and to simply learn many new names. Now, I'm not sure if it is an unforgivable error to have missed thanking directly certain person's who have been closest colleagues and tireless workers in this inaugural year. Therefore, I would like to point out the Elizabeth Brandegee has given hundreds of hours behind the scenes to prepare and produce many promotional materials and projects for the entire Homeopathic Community in the name of "World Homeopathy Awareness Week." We should also congratulate her on becoming the next World Homeopathy Awareness Organization Chairperson for 2011. 

Two other people who have been an incredible emotional support and advisors are Dr Navneet Bidani and Kaviraj. It is with a full heart that I thank them. Two more special people need a big "thank you." One is my husband Dr Robert Bruck for complete support in everything that we do together. Without him, this could not exist. And, my son, Dr Isaac Bruck, who is a computer wizard and has put in many hundreds of hours working in the background to keep the network alive.

In addition, the 2009 featured members have contributed many valuable articles and friendship welcomes to new members. This feature will be overhauled in the coming year.

Behind the scenes there are a few people who help keep HWC humming along and new people are being trained. Thank you to Katja, Kaviraj, Gudny, Charu, Navneet, Dr Wequar and Ingrid for volunteering their time. A special thank you to Gudny for creating the HWC FaceBook page. What would we do with out our support system?
We've Only Just Begun
With the world in a recession, major company bale-outs, whole communities with job loss, unbelievable natural disasters of earthquakes, volcanoes, floods and tsunamis, not to mention the man-made disasters like the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill, we come together as a family to share our feelings and find solutions to problems. We join hands to bring our knowledge of homeopathy as the highest form of healing into public view.
We Are A Model
We've been able to support each other by lending an ear, speaking encouraging words, asking for prayers and giving blessings. Our small community has shown the world that people of diverse cultures, religions, beliefs and practices can work it out and be at peace. We can make the world a better place. This is all possible through social networking and using this phenomenal technology. There are 1.5 billion users on the internet right now. How can we reach them with our mission statement? How are you involved?
Does HWC serve its purpose?
I ask myself again and again if all this work is worth it. People have posted their positive thoughts on one encouraging forum called, "I like HWC because." Read what others have said HWC contributes to their lives. Everyone needs feedback. Do you realize that HWC is a social network, just like FB, where like-minded people meet, gather, converse, share and support each other?
How Does Social Networking Work?
Not many people truly understand this about our social network. Perhaps you've participated on ListServes in the past. The talk goes back and forth through email all about one subject. It is a very narrow field. Maybe you are there simply to learn about homeopathy. Anything that diverges from that focal point is not included. This is different. Its about people and their lives. Friendships are formed. To reap the benefits of a social network you give and take. Your input is just as valuable as what you take away. All of the people who contribute build the network. If you are here just to take something and not give then, you are not fulfilling the purpose as a citizen of a community.
One Big Party
Homeopathy World Community is like a 24/7 Open House Party; like visiting a club-house or community center where people congregate. The specialty of HWC is that we all love homeopathy and want others to know about this medicinal modality. Having your very own page enables you to let others see who you are and what you do in your service to homeopathy and healing others. In the process of joining and visiting often you will enhance your practice and study of homeopathy as an added benefit.
Not only will you meet people from around the globe, connect, form relationships that may last a lifetime, you may create partnerships at work, travel to distance lands to see someone in-person, get inspired and motivated to carry on with your work, be asked to author a paper or give a presentation or a multiplicity of contributions to our cause.
I know for sure that people have connected. They have invited each other to speak at seminars, author papers, and coordinate program, plan meet-ups at events and more.
Yes! This is a cause to improve the standing of homeopathy in the world. Its up to us, who else will do it? This means learning about today's technology, although you can keep it small by simply knocking on doors, putting on local talks and seminars, writing to your local paper.
The fact that you are on the internet means that you have opened your vistas to a larger audience. I would love to get some feedback on whether you find HWC of value and whether it is fulfilling its mission. In addition, tell your ideas on how it can be improved.


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Dear Debby,

Hearty Congratulations for being so successful.

Thank you so much for bringing Homeopaths from all over the world under one community.

Sorry for being inactive on this forum due to tight schedule.

May God give you all strength and very long life.

You are one among all the great persons, who will be appreciated and remembered all the time.

Best Regards,
Hi Debby,

A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step- Confucius

The journey has begun; you are the commander in chief of this ship.

This monumental initiative called HWC, in time, will be a force to reckon with - time and history will testify this.

Bridges of friendships are built so that others can also cross it, the initial builders (you) and other members may go through rough roads, but in times to come it will help scores of others to navigate the homeopathic landscape with ease.

Homeopath by virtue of his art and science has always been an explorer of unknown, and this applies to - treating a patient to traveling in the deepest recesses of our brain to acknowledge this grand space- inner and outer.

You and all of us on this journey are explorers and I am sure we will come across the many wonders that we will pass through in this journey.

Best wishes to you and HWC….

Hi Debby
Congrats on the growth of HWC!
A social network of homeopaths
What I have noticed in all these months is that no skeptics have been spotted creeping and lurking about.
This is a big plus in my book,as many other homeopathic discussion forums/sites have been invaded by skeptics causing so much disturbance.
So who ever is doing background checks regards new member log in-doing great work!
My one and only gripe (and you know this already DEbby) but perhaps others have the same problem as myself.
I do not get any notices in my email INBOX when messages come in or get replied too.
I have to manually seek through everything I have posted,this disrupts the flow of connection and is disruptive. Sorry But you already know this Debby.
All and All HWC is a grand place to post discussions for homeopathic practicioners.
Thank you for all your work
Gina Tyler DHOM
"Hi Debby
Congrats on the growth of HWC!"G Tyler.
At the moment the leader.
Hi Gina
I wish I could solve this problem for you. Perhaps it has to do with your computer and its settings. I know I tried to figure it out for you, but was unable to do that.

When you go to a page.
You want to follow a discussion and get updates in your email box.

For example: Your discussion on Reflexology

Go to that page. Scroll to the bottom of the article.

Select either RSS FEED and create a Feed Reader in your Email


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