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A cure for incurable disease-Temporal-mendibular joint arthritis and neurofibromatosis.

MRS abs-36YRS/F           ref. no: MP- F/5 DATED -25/1/07

Investigations:  OPG of TM and MRI = Lf mandibler condyle shows patchy sclerosis with erosion and poor traslatery movement  in the open mouth position. The joint space is slightly reduced

Main complaints:

1.       Pt was well 4 months before, when she felt pain in rt mendibuler region which is being
increased day by day.the pain is so severe that she can’t sleep at night.

Being treated at AIIMS.

2.       Finally she was diagnosed as” patchy sclerosis with erosion.

3.       Presently difficulty in opening of mouth+++, can open only 30 %

4.       Pain in mandibuler region < lying rt side, lying on left side, < chewing-while++

5.       Shouting during anger

6.       Desire to be silent during anger+++—pho

7.       The pain is directly related with the emotion and grief of the patient.

8.       Intolerance of sun heat++

9.       Fastidious-wants everything in order

10.   Takes everything on heart+++

11.   Laughs during talking+++------aur, bell

12.   Congestion of face during anger++   bell

13.   Does not know her relative during anger++--bell

14.   Rt sided

Note: This is a case of progressive miasm along with non-miasmatic destruction on tissue level.


 Adv: bell 30 / 1 dose daily for 1 week

9/2/07------------------no relief

Adv: phos 30-3 dose / 1 dose daily.

There is marked relief in pain during 2 days and 100% relief in 15 days, without any aggravation and without any negative indication:

Follow up:  phos 30/ 1 dose weakly for three months sets the anger and shouting of the patient.

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