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Dear Healers of the World,


My name is Karla Bartlett and I live in Redstone, Colorado, USA, a small village near Aspen, which is one of the most affluent and vital cities in the world.


I am a nobody in the Homeopathic World, even though I have been studying and practicing Homeopathy for over 15 years and have become quite adept at it.  I practice Classical Homeopathy, as it was handed down from the old Masters.  My background is clinical laboratory medicine, I am also a scientist, as were many of the "Beginners" of Homeopathy.


My practice is small as Homeopathy is not well accepted or used in my area, as is the case in most areas of the US, where Homeopathy has been forced to the fringes.  Yes, there are some celebrities here that use it, and many who do it secretly for fear of scorn, but it is a far cry from our
"hey day" of the last century, when 1 in 4 physicians in this country were Homeopaths.

As such, I do not have many colleagues locally who support or endorse my work.  Since I found HWC, (rather it found me) that has all changed.


In HWC I have found a vibrant, loving, supportive group of like-minded people who share a common goal----the acknowledgment and advancement of Homeopathy to its rightful position in the world, which is that of the most effective, useful, and powerful healing system ever "discovered" by mankind.  It is here that we find our Common Venue, where we can unite and leverage ourselves against those forces who would prefer that we remain weak, although for reasons which nowadays seem petty and obscure and more to do with economics than healing.


I Love HWC because it is a community where I can go when I have been beaten down by skeptics, made to feel inferior and ultimately have my back up against the wall in resistance, a place I have often found myself when battling alone.  It is a place I can come and feel solidarity.  I am so thankful for that, so thankful to Debby for creating a site like this one.


Although I also spend time on Facebook, as EVERYBODY is on Facebook, it is clear to me that the most important conversations, the real work, is being conducted in this forum, HWC.  I always come here when I want to get serious information about what is happening because it is so nicely united and professional as well.  There are many other great sites promoting Homeopathy, including those individual ones that Homeopaths have created for themselves, their own businesses, and they all serve to promote the growth of Homeopathy, but there is no place like HWC for bringing us all together.  Debby should be commended for the amazing job she has done in creating this community.  I'm sure everyone who has joined this community realizes that and hopefully has told Debby this themselves.


I see the future of Homeopathy being bright indeed!  There are many new discoveries in the area of research and development that have come to light recently, and I think a collective goal of the community should be to explore and further develop these findings such that we can approach allopathy with a more scientific, comprehensive explanation of Homeopathy than we have ever been able to in the past.  To encourage allopathy, in THEIR language, to consider an approach that is more holistic, yet as effective, as what they deem to be so in their own minds.  We must not forget that we owe much of what we have discovered about the scientific nature of Homeopathy TO Allopathy, because it is the research techniques developed and formulated by "that side" that have allowed us to provide better imagery and realization of how Homeopathy effects changes in the Human Being.  There should no longer be "Two Sides", there should be One side that is willing to look at all we have gathered collectively as a species, without judgment, and let the facts speak for themselves.  In my opinion, allopathy is primed to do this because they are not foolish, nor do they have faulty intentions.  They know the discrepancies of their system, they are just unaware, because of the enormity of the task, as to how to change the system.  It is our job as Homeopaths, to show them the way.



Karla Bartlett


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Karla - Thank you, thank you, thank you for your contribution "A common Venue"

You know how to put the words together :) Loved to read it!!! .....but I have to tell you there is one sentence I didn´t like :P

....."I am a nobody in the Homeopathic World, even though I have been studying and practicing Homeopathy for over 15 years".....
I do NOT AGREE as we are all SOMEBODY and equal as we all know alot... just different alot ;) - and there is always space for learning more and more, that is what all of us are doing what ever name one has -

Thank you for being a member in HWC community
Dear Karla - First, I want to thank you for putting "pen to paper" in the form of this blog. I am truly honored by your words. Even though I agree with Gudny that "I am a nobody" is not a beneficial way to call or think of oneself, I can understand your meaning. In the same way, this site is just the vehicle for moving forward, and I don't consider myself someone special, just one person contributing to the whole community.

You've touched upon many ideas and I hope that other HWC members will pick up on them. Giving constructive methods to carry our hopes and passions forward by being a model is one good way. You have already done that by writing your very own "Why I Love HWC" by clicking the "Add a Discussion" button at the top of this page. The more people hear reasons why they love being in this community, the more we will feel united in spirit and determination to make "Homeopathy a Household Word" as we spread the news and educate the public.

The personal thoughts about how to make Homeopathy appear more scientific is a topic of controversy. Even I wonder how it all relates to the basic fundamental principles of homeopathy as I do the BTR-Who's Reading the Organon radio show five days a week with Vera Resnick. This 30-minute show is solidifying my knowledge of homeopathy as I discover and formulate the 'definition' of homeopathy in my own mind.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine and all the ancient wisdom of the universe there are many entities and numerical forms that encompass important qualities. Thus, there is the "One" that is everything, including material and spiritual, what we can and cannot see, feel, hear, touch and taste or ever know. Then there is a split into "TWO" including yin and yang, up and down, in and out, black and white and every other opposite. How do these "TWO" coincide together and live in harmony. I believe this is like Homeopathy and Allopathy. One does not encompass the other. If they are two separate forms, there must be a way for them to live in harmony, keep their separate identity, yet one not be more dominant than the other. The end result will be peace and understanding.

Perhaps this is the generation to make that potential real.
love, Debby
Hi Karla, I am greatly impressed by your kind words. I am sure that the day will come wherein 4 out of 4 will be a Homeopath.
Yeah you are absolutely is our duty as Homeopaths to provide a scientific explanation about this system to the public...


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