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14 Jan 2009, 6pm:

9 Feb 2009, Follow-up:

6 May2009, Follow-up:
Patient’s Father: Dr Joshi, Skin Specialist, referred Harsh towards you for his problem of warts on hands since 2-3 months. He told us that in Homoeopathy there is a medicine Thuja for such problems & most probably will be prescribed. If it never settles with Homoeopathic medicines, we will burn those.
Patient’s Father: Doctor, what may be the cause behind these? And one more thing I want to tell you that now a days he is bunking school by giving some reasons like pain in abdomen or headache etc. He became obstinate & never listens to anyone. Probably getting frightened at night because he wakes at night & clings to me. During this conversation, he was biting his nails.

This was the present state of disposition & mind of the case for me.

If I would have been an old prescriber, I would have entered in to all the details & may be there would be jumbling in the actual prescription. Because I would have considered the following rubric. This was denoting the actual diseased pathology & not a state of disposition.
Complete Repertory:
EXTREMITIES: WARTS, Fingers, Nails, Close, to Caust3, Dulc, Fl-ac, Graph, Lyco, Nat-m, Sep
I might have considered the Miasm in the case.
? Miasm: SYCOTIC
But this time I have considered following rubrics which were considered on patient’s state of disposition & mind & repertorised with Complete Repertory.
Restlessness, children, in
Obstinate, children
Clinging, Children, of, Awake terrified, know no one, cling to those near
Biting, nails
Result of Repertorisation:
Stram: 9/5
Hyos: 6/4
Lyco: 6/4

Treatment: Stramonium 30, 3 Doses followed by placebo for a month.

Follow-up, 9 Feb 2009:
Warts disappeared more than 50%.
Getting confident.
Restlessness decreased.
Biting nails has gone.
Placebo continued.
Follow-up: 6 May 2009
Warts disappeared completely.
Restlessness absent.
No biting nails.
Treatment stopped.

What is the Law of Similars?
Law of Similars states that a drug capable of producing in a healthy individual, a diseased state, exactly similar to that happens in a diseased individual act as a curative agent, if disease is in a curable state.
Why it is important to consider the State of the Disposition & Mind?
In the 6th edition of Organon of Medicine, our Master Dr Samuel Hahnemann says in § 211: This holds good to such an extent, that the state of the disposition of the patient often chiefly determines the selection of the homoeopathic remedy, as being a decidedly characteristic symptom which can least of all remain concealed from the accurately observing physician.
Why it is necessary to consider only the state of disposion & mind & not the diseased pathology for repertorisation?
Because Dr J.T. Kent says: "Drugs have not all been pushed far enough to produce lesions, and their voices do not carry, as a rule, deeper than function – except in the cases of accidental poisoning." So, we never gets pathological symptoms after drug proving to include in our Materia Medicas as well as in Repertories which can be used as Similar Rubric.

Understanding the Rubrics of a Case of Viral Warts

  1. Restlessness, Children, in: Here the role of the Homoeopathic Physician is most important. Dr Samuel Hahnemannin § 83 says about qualities of the Homoeopathic Physician as Attention in Observing which is important to find out such rubrics because Patient will not give you such a information but one has to OBSERVE CAREFULLY. Such Children never sits in one place in your O.P.D.. They goes here & there, touches number of things.
  2. Affectation: Means showing feelings which are not Natural. For e.g. A child before coming to clinic tells everyone that I will talk to Doctor about my suffering, I am not at all frightened about injections, I am fearless etc., but as soon as he enters the clinic, he starts crying loudly. All is daring vanishes. This is typical Affectation.
  3. Obstinate, Children: You can get this information from the parents as well as you can observe it during case taking. This rubric you can get very commonly in children.
  4. Clinging, Children, of, Awake terrified, know no one, cling to those near: Means to hold fast. This generally develops because of the fright or frightful dreams. Those children wakes at night due to some reason & get frightened, & clings to those who are near to them. This information comes from parents.
  5. Biting, Nails: You can get this information from the parents as well as you can observe it during case taking. This rubric you can get very commonly in children. Generally, these children are restless as well as shy or timid. You can observe the nails & then parent tell that we don't have to cut his/ her nails. It goes automatically in the mouth.

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Great work and Explaination Dr., I might thought of Causticum (keynote wart close to nail)
Thanks a lot! If I was a past prescriber, I would have thought the Causticum or Nat Mur & would have wated a lot of time in treating such one sided diseases like previous cases. Such cases have broken fixed ideas from my mind regarding miasm. I never deny miasm but if we look thro' miasmatic angle, we never come to a remedy like Stramoniium. So, I learned a lesson that never be rigid when you are dealing with dynamic science like Homoeopathy in which anything can be possible.
I appreciate the completeness and the thorough explanations with guidance from the Organon, with the addition of photographic progress in this case of warts.
Nice and neat presentation.All marks to Dr Rasal.
Thanks a lot! Your appreciation gives me more enthuciasm to share more regarding the Homoeopathy.
Dear Dr.Prasad - great work & wonderful result. Thanks for sharing...regards,Kavitha


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