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She was sixteen when she entered the clinic, but she looked hardly ten years old. Those were the early days of my practice. She looked dwarfed, emaciated with stunted growth. She would wet her bed almost every night. She was timid, no self confidence. She was also backward in her studies. While describing her problems, her parent’s tone and words had all the shades of accusation. She seemed to be the object of ridicule for everyone in the house, even her younger siblings. Even her menarche had not happened yet

I felt sympathy for her and decided that her case will top my priority list. First of all, there was a need for counseling . No….. not for her, but for her parents. I talked to the parents in private and explained to them that if they wanted their daughter to get well, I will need their full cooperation. I told them that her enuresis was a medical condition and they should not blame her for it. They needed to stop ridiculing her and Instead should be positive in their approach, encouraging her at every opportunity and praising her even for her minor achievements. I also told them that the case may take a long time—twelve months at least, but they should be able to see the visible improvements within three months.

The treatment started and at every visit there was a change for the better. First, she was rid of her bed-wetting trouble. Little by little, her shyness and timidity gave way to a degree of self confidence. She gained weight, began her menarch and at the end of treatment she looked like a nice young girl.

Her main remedies were Baryta-carb and calcarea-phos.

But she also received intermittently the following remedies:

A long time had elapsed and I had forgotten all about this case when unexpectedly one day a box of sweets arrived for me. It turned out that my patient had got engaged and this was in celebration of the event.

Today this girl is happily married and has children.

I wonder which other system of medicine in the world would have been able achieve in this case what homeopathy gently and smoothly achieved. Never underestimate homeopathy.

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A very nice case. How many years did you care for her? 

Thanks Debby

It took ten  months

Well taken case followed by good advise to the family, an important aspect of counseling was redeeming feature, followed by proper prescription. All added brought in the "sweets" finally.

Thanks for your nice comments Dr Wequar

What were the reasons for deciding on Baryta carb if you remember?

Dear Sir,

           What were the reasons for deciding on Baryta carb if you remember?

Dwarfish children, want of self-confidence, aversion to strangers, Inattention to studies in children (Clark)

Childish, bashful, looses confidence in himself (Boerick)


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