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Patient: A 40 years old gentleman

First consultation: 38th December, 2015.

Case history

Initially he came for the treatment of:

  1. Tendency of chilblains on fingers and toes, which were inflamed, red and quite painful.
  2. Reddish miliary eruption on his glans penis.

Homoeopathic treatment was started, after fifteen days he reported that there was some relief.

On his next visit after another twenty days he informed that in June, 2014 during a night he passed bloody urine with burning.

He was hospitalized; he was diagnosed stricture in urethra.

In the beginning dilatation of urethra was done every week and after about three months the process was done fortnightly.

After about a year he was advised to use catheter every fortnightly, along with some oral medicines; which he was using till date.

Dr. Mamgain advised him to stop the oral medication and try to delay the use of catheter until he feels difficulty.

Gradual improvement continued by homoeopathic treatment.

On 17th February, 2016 he informed that he has tendency of Coryza and sneezing bouts on waking in the morning for the past 7 or 8 years.

Occasional dose of another homoeopathic medicine in high potency was prescribed in addition to the medicine already prescribed.

The homoeopathic medicines were given in minute doses singly at a long interval.

Gradual improvement in all the complaints continued.

On 13th August, 2016 he reported that he does not need the use of catheter any more for past some time. The flow of urine remains free. The patient never required dilatation of urethra during the past more than one year.

The points to ponder are – (1) Is urethra a metallic tube which will remain open after dilatation? Why there arises need to dilate the urethra after every few days? While a man with normal health never needs dilatation even in a life span of 100 years. The urethra is not a metallic tube which can remain open after dilatation. It is constituted by live tissues and can function normally only when there is natural state of health. The stricture is caused by an abnormal or diseased state. Dr. C. S. F. Hahnemann realized towards the end of eighteenth century, how to restore the normal health of the sick person again, and invented a new system of Cure, he named it Homoeopathy. Homoeopathic medicines are capable to cure i. e. restore the natural state of health again. During the past more than two centuries this system proved always true.

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Two things: 

1. The post mentions about the Free use of Concordance Repertory on a website. This is nowhere seen. I have visited the site everytime an article is posted.
2. No remedy mentioned in this particular case and hence does not help homoeopath audience.

The Concordance Repertory is on my webstite. Login as guest and you will find the Repertory on Dash Board. Awaiting your comments. Thank you.

Dear Dr. Mamgain,

What is the remedy for this particular case was?

Thank You, Viktor,

Extremelly helpful your input for our Community.

Thank You, Dr, Mamgain !  I currently have two clients with the same problem.

Your priceless information will help two Families !

many Blessings,

Regina Rianelli

I wonder why the site is not opening the site, I am daily opening it for addition and editing.

The following remedies were used in this  case:

1. Thuja 1 M once in a fortnight and later once a month.

2. Nitricum acidum 200 bi-weekly. and 

3. Ammonium carb. 1 M occasionally for the tendency of coryza and sneezing bouts.


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