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A case of stasis eczema with dyshidrosis cured with homoeopathy

Mrs. NA, Female- 45 years, Date
of consultation- 02-05-2011

Presenting Complaints

This lady presented with marked swelling, redness and severe burning pain in both the legs and feet for a week.
There was cellulitis with deep cracks and scaling in pedal region. These all were accompanied by violent itching felt in depth of the skin, high fever and chills.

Clinical history

She was much restless, thirsty for large quantities of cold water at large intervals, constipated with no urging for three days, hard, dry stool, having high grade fever with chills, with no desire to cover the legs.

She was multiparous, normotensive, non diabetic, cheerful, talkative and postmenopausal lady.
Preferred to be in company and fearful of touching the feet with anybody as if it were break into pieces. This was the marked and peculiar symptom noted.

Past History

She was having recurrent history of swelling of feet and legs for last three years. This was worse on standing and sitting for an hour or more. Swellings accompanied with itching with pitting oedema. Has had chicken pox in childhood, typhoid 10 years back and developed tiny warts on neck for a year.

Clinical diagnosis

Stasis eczema with dyshidrosis with cellulitis suppurativa

Clinical analysis

Based on history of warts and peculiar symptom of sensation of brittleness of legs, Thuja seems to be the remedy of choice.


Thuja 200 one dose stat followed by placebo thrice daily.

Advise to keep the feet elevated and to cleanse with calendula mother tincture twice daily.


Complete cure with a single dose within a week! Miracle of Homoeopathy.

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Thank you for thorough presentation using thuja to heal the cracking skin, condylomata and feeling fragile or brittle.
Most welcome. Regards.

Nice case, supporting the miasmatc theory of Dr. Hahnemann 

Thanks Dr. Habib.
Homoeopathic medicine always do its best in single dose, but in correct potency.
Always true.

nice case dr sharma.

please put some light on any role ( other than being an antiseptic) of calendula Q in this case.



Dear Dr. Mittu, calendula had only one role- to keep the surface clean and safe from secondary infections.

Good presentation Dr. Rajneesh.



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