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A Case Of Renal Stone In My Clinic

Mr. X., age 39, came to me with complaints of pain in both lumbar regions. 
USG [ultrasonographi] of abdomen. Impression: 2 stones in left renal calices with hydronephrosis. Right side shows another stone in ureter. After case taking, I prescribed lac. can 1m, 1 dose. Asked to wait for 15 days. After the medicine has been taken, the patient calls me at least 5 times a day, screaming out of pain, even he has come to my clinic and slept the whole night due to pain. Every time he phones, I will ask him to wait. On 17th day after prescription, there is no pain for him. I waited another 13 days. Took scan. No impression of stones or hydronephrosis. The most important thing is that this case has been sent to me by a nephrologist, who had been treating this case for 5 months, but in vain. Am happy to share this good case to you all. Homoeopathy never fails. Thanks to God for giving me the opportunity to save a life.

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Good. What were the basis of your prescription? It is one sided disease. I am very much interested to learn how to deal with one sided cases. Why you gave a single dose in such an acute condition?
Please do not quote from organon.I like to know your personal experiences.
Thank Dr. I prescribed upon the mind symptoms. The keynotes I found include fear of the illness he have, strange imaginations about his illness, want of self confidence, changeability in mood [it's an objective symptom I got frm his wife], also the pain alternate in side < by touch. so he hates touching him too. Also fear of snakes. In his childhood his friend was bite by a snake, then he died, from that fear of snake. I advised him to take lemon juice on alternate days, and asked him to plenty of water. Up to my knowledge, as far as I am concerned, if you are confident in our case taking and once the patient starts believing in a doctor in the way you approach them, whatever the case may be, you can cure in a short period of time.

Example: I have 3 cases of HIV. In that a 20 yr old girl [suffering for 3 years] has great improvement in health, earlier she declined in weight from 56 kg to 41 kg, cold, fear of disease, skin itching eruptions. I gave her one dose of staphy 30. Now its 6 month of treatment, c s 48 kg by now. no cold or eruptions, but itching is present. Now she is confident too. I am giving her placebo for the last 5 prescriptions.
I can't imagine anyone waiting through the pain for that long without taking some drugs. That is more than two weeks. What did you say to the patient to convince him that things were improving five times a day.

We can learn a lot, as if we were sitting in with you in your office to listen in to the conversation. Of course, if this is confidential, then it is not appropriate. Perhaps you can give general rule of thumb.
A brilliant cure.Any particular reason for the patient to wait for a fortnight, after the intake of the homoeopathic medicine.What were the reasons for non palliation of pain.Ordinarily the patient as well as doctor wouldn't wait for such a long period for the pain to continue unabated.
Thanks Dr.Sushil and Debby bruck... The first change I got from the patient is that the urine output is reduced to 200ml per day and he feels the pain at the urethra level. He has to strain to pass urine. From that i recognised that the calculi has started moving inside the tract. Also whenever he calls me up, i can able to understand his painful words, he uses and since he calls me up without going to an allopath or some other treatment, shows his confidence on homoeopathy. This made me to think that i can and watch... and the result, by God's grace, he got relieved from his complaint.
good,, very interesting case, because cure of mental general symptoms ,,

thanks for sharing this case with us


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