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A CASE OF RABIES cure completed by Homeopathic CHAMOMILLA
(Looking for hope where there was no hope)

Male    Age    06 years                                         

R/O- Jaspur, Dist. Udham Singh Nagar, Uttaranchal 
First consultation on 8/9/2000

The patient was brought in night of 8-9-2000 to the indoor department of my hospital. He tried treatment by various physicians and was referred back and forth.

The man was dog bitten two months ago. The disease progressed as follows: –

The trouble was noted two weeks ago, in the beginning the speech begins to slur. Many words, he used to speak used to be unintelligible.
Irritability increased to a marked degree. Became violent, angry and dangerous.
Mild fevers off and on, symptoms in this regard changeable. Extreme thirst. Ravenous hunger. Hurried and impatient.
Desire to escape, desire to bite and strike on others.
Balance of the body became unstable. Salivation copious, viscid.
Great stiffness in lower limbs. No pain.
Craving for ice cold water but unable to drink due to spasm in throat spreading through out the body. Hence extreme fear of water.
Temperament very irritable. Desire to injure others. Desire to cling to his mother. Surprisingly, no anger or violence towards his mother. Gestures, as if trying to frighten others or to injure them. Eyes staring, wild looking. Craving light.
Head hot, limbs cold. Shrieking. Obstinate. Striking himself too.
History of mild head injury three years ago. No problem was felt ever before.
Was a very timid baby with carious teeth. Having habit of sleeping on abdomen.

Clinical diagnosis- Rabies.

OBSTINATE, headstrong
OBSTINATE, headstrong - children
CLINGING - take the hand of mother, will always
CLINGING - child - grasps the nurse when carried
HELD - desire to be held (Eliminating Rubric)
LIGHT - desire for
BITING - himself
STRIKING - himself
SHRIEKING - obstinate
OBSTINATE, headstrong - fever, during
INJURIES of the head, after
TEETH - CARIES, decayed, hollow
SLEEP - POSITION - abdomen, on




        Rx-   Stramonium 1M one dose.

        SL 1 hourly.

      9-9-2000 —Feeling of improvement.        

        Rx- Belladonna 1M, one hourly.
10-9-2000 —Again feeling that the improvement is lagging. No hydrophobia at all.

        Rx-  Ars alb 200,  2 hourly.

 11-9-2000 —Improvement continued in all respects except irritability and desire to remain in his mother's hands.

        Rx-  Chamomilla 1M 3 hourly. 

 12-9-2000 —No further symptoms.

        Rx-  SL TDS x 10 Days.

 23-9-2000 —Cured.           

        No medicine.

      Here, we can clearly see that that was the CHAMOMILA which cured the baby instantly otherwise cure was incomplete.



Homeopathy for Anger and Mortification
Massimo Mangialavori

Complaints due to anger and mortification – an everyday issue in homeopathic practice. Mortification
can be expressed as a feeling of shame, wounded honour, or loss of self-confidence.
The famous Italian homeopath Massimo Mangialavori describes in this work the most important homeopathic remedies that have proved particularly useful for these problems in his practice. He highlights especially the less well-known and often forgotten remedies.
He presents impressive cases of Ipecacuanha, Senega officinalis, and Magnetis polus australis, differentiating these in detail from other remedies such as Ferrum magneticum, Antimonium tartaricum, Chelidonium, Ignatia, the Bromine, and Chlorine salts, Paris quadrifolia, Chamomilla, Staphisagria as well as the Scrophulariaceae and Liliaceae.
Massimo Mangialavori is known for his graphic remedy descriptions in which he brings out the essential nuances of homeopathic remedies in a concise and vivid way. This handy booklet is a great opportunity to get to know the working methods of Massimo Mangialavori in this important area.

Journal of Veterinary Science | Efficiency of Matricaria chamomilla CH12 and number of doses of rabies vaccine on the humoral immune response in cattle 
This study evaluated the effect of Matricaria chamomilla and vaccination frequency on cattle immunization against rabies. Four groups (n = 15 /group) were treated with or without Matricaria chamomilla CH12 and vaccinated with one or two doses of rabies vaccine (30 day interval). No effect of chamomile was found on cattle immunization against rabies; however, antibody titers were protective in cattle vaccinated twice, while 93.3% of cattle vaccinated only once had titers under 0.5 UI/ml after 60 days. In conclusion, the use of chamomile did not alter the humoral immune response in cattle, and two vaccine doses are suggested for achieving protective PubMed 


SUMMARY | The effect of a probiotic on the immune response of cattle immunized with a dose of rabies vaccine was evaluated in this study. The Nellore bovines (N= 75) were divided randomly into 5 groups: supplemented with 0, 2, 3, 4 and 8 g the probiotic Proenzime®)/animal/day, groups Gc, G2, G3, G4 and G8 respectively, for 60 days. All the animals were immunized with a single dose of rabies vaccine on the first day of the experiment (day 0). The obtained results showed that there was significant increase (p<0.05) in the titers of antirabies antibodies and frequency of animals immunized in the groups G4 and G8 on 30 and 60. In conclusion, the probiotic (Proenzime®) increase the humoral immune response of bovine immunized with rabies vaccine.

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Congratulations Dr. Rajneesh For the success in such a difficult case.
Thanks Dr. Vikas.
Dear Dr Rajneesh. It is so helpful to read the progress in this case, learning that there was a progression toward wellness step-by-step through the observations of parents and physician. Wonderful case.
Thanks Debby. This all is due to confidence in Homoeopathy and blessings of you all.

I really appreciate Dr.Rajneesh for such a miraclulous case, but here we must say that repertorisation tecnique is done differently than what I would have done.

It may be your deep knowledge of Materia Medica which helps .

Please explain the meaning of taking similar rubrics?

OBSTINATE, headstrong
OBSTINATE, headstrong - children
CLINGING - take the hand of mother, will always
CLINGING - child - grasps the nurse when carried

BITING - himself.


SHRIEKING - obstinate

And above all no of rubrics is more (general rubrics like Head Heat etc)

Dear Dr. Ravi, Thanks a lot. He was very difficult to console in any way. He was doing his own acts alog with shrieks ignoring our all the efforts. He had a strong inclination to cling the attendents especially mother or the person likely to give him more secured shelter as nurse. He was injuing his own body by biting and some times that of others too. hence the above mentioned symptoms were recorded.

But Dr. Rajneesh at a given case we should not take subrubrics along with head rubric at the same time because that will give you undue weight to a particular medicine.

Please tell us what is the second image? Did you have a report in the newspaper about this case?
Yes. The interview with the patient's guardians was taken and the case was published. All the reports were presented.
Dr Sharma,
Congrats for a successful case. So we can say, we treat the patient not the disease or We treat the man in disease not disease in a man.
Resp. Dr. Sarswat, Thanks. But these cures are miracles which are not frequent. I have lost a number of cases of Rabies during last ten years. But in 50% of cases marked improvement was seen in all the complaints, though the patients not survived.
sir this case is really a miracle.


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