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A case of milk allergy, A boy( son of a famous cardiologist of town who once a critic Now a firm believer of homoeopathy) aged about 3 yrs was brought in despair, His parents was too much worried about his disease, the child was weak anaemic and of bad temper. After taking milk he develops severe diarrhoea, his mother told that I can guess well before the attack that diarrhoea is going to commence due to the noise in abdomen, he passes very bad smelling gas, it is difficult to stand nearby, and the stools are watery with occasional bubbles, He often burps when his stomach is unwell, He is such a irritable child that nobody can predict about his mood, often when we visits our friends house we have to sit very alert as anything may get broken due to his inquisitiveness , he gets fascinated towards new things and will certainly try to play with them. At night he may take out his clothes and will love to sleep bare, his perspiration also stinks, And one thing more when I avoid giving him milk he occasionaly develops constipation and will sit in the toilet and keep on saying that ma wait more is yet to come. The boy was cured with in 20 days and since than a year has gone he had no such attacks and he is enjoying milk a lot. What would have been your prescription? It will be learning if we justify our answer with reasons. Thanks

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Lac Caninum?
Please remember we do not just post an answer without thought process.

sul. pul. lyc. nux-v. ars. pho. calc-c. chin. sep. bry.
GURGLING * * *              
HEAT, burning, etc. * * * * * *   *   *
INCONTINENCE, stool, urine, sexual, etc. * *     * *   * *  
MOISTNESS, fluidity, increased secretions in general, etc. * * * * * * * * *  
NIGHT, agg * *     * *   *    
OFFENSIVENESS, fetor *       *       * *
SADNESS, low spirits * * *   *     *    
SMELL * * * *   * *   *  
STOMACH, and bowels * * * * * * * * * *
UNCOVERING, amel. Cold applications, amel * * *       *      
CLOTHES, pressure of, Agg *   * *     *     *
COORDINATION, disturbed *     *   *        
DIGESTION, affected   *   * * * * *   *
ANGER, irritability fretfulness, bad temper *   * *     *   * *

Thanks a lot everybody for participating. The medicine which was prescribed was Magnesia carb although Sulphur was very close yet I picked Magnesia carb the reasons are:
ABDOMEN - RUMBLING - stool - before
RECTUM - CONSTIPATION - constant desire
RECTUM - DIARRHEA - milk - agg.
RECTUM - FLATUS - offensive
STOMACH - COMPLAINTS of the stomach - accompanied by - eructations
MIND - NAKED, wants to be - morning - bed; in
MIND - TOUCHING - impelled to touch - everything - children

Appreciation from me.



Dr. Verma,My compliments to you, for the right selection.I and Sajjad, landed with Sulphur, though Mag Carb was the correct remedy.
Thanks Dr Vikas.
Thanks Dr. Sajjad, Dr.Sushil and DrRavindra, Yes Sulphur was too close and would have been my choice but one symptom that patient wants to remain naked in bed took me towards MAG CARB. That was quite a peculiar Symptom which caught my attention.

Excellent Dr. Vikas...When you repertorized the rubrics you considered...what score did Mag-Carb get?

Mag-Carb is in fact a very sour smelling child. They have a feeling of orphaned or abandoned. They get disturbed if parents quarrel and play the role of peacemakers.

Excellent Additions about Magnesia Carb, Yes they are very much disturbed by the Discord between the parents. On Repertorial analysis Magnesia Carb scored 46 points.


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