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A case of chronic itching of eyelids cured using mind symptoms alone.

Mr T, General manager of a Printed Circuit Board manufacturing firm in Hosur TN, India was suffering from Itching of eyelids on both eyes, general cold characters like blocked nose, sneezing after getting up from bed, sneezing from entering wet bath room. 

Cold weather aggravates all symptoms.  Can not take cold water bath. But his main problem was itching of eyelids.


Q: I asked him one day why he rubs his eyelids most of the time?

A:  I have this problem of itching along the margin of eyelids on both sides.  And ( he mentioned all problems of sneezing etc,)

Q:  Since how long you are having this problem?

A:  Since I came and joined this company about 6 years back.  I was in Bangalore previously in a similar company, But I had no problem then.

Q:  Is the place change affected you in your opinion?

A:  I think so , but Bangalore and Hosur are like twin cities with same weather  

My tens

A:  It may be change of weather change or factory environment or because of dust in this area.  I am not sure but I am affected.

Q:  What have you done about it?

A:  I took lot of medication from different hospitals.  Tried all specialists.  There was
no result.  I tried Ayurvedic medicines, Siddha medicines.  There was no cure.  Somebody suggested Yoga and breathing techniques.  I tried all but It is the same. 

Q: So what are you doing now?

A:  There is a tablet Cetrin, an anti-allergic tablet.  I take one and there will be relief to some extent for two days and after wards I take one. That is how I am pulling on.

Q:  What is your feeling?  Will there be any cure?

A:  I tried so much for years.  I am convinced that this is going to be with me for life time.

Q:  Did you try Homeopathy?

A:  No Sir.  I have no idea of homeopathy.

Q:  If you answer a few questions, I may try to give you a homeopathic remedy.

A:  Yes sir, I will answer.

Q:   Tell me about your work environment and your people.

A:  We work under tremendous pressure.  Always.  We put in long hours of work.

The management always sets higher and higher targets, which are proving impossible for us.  We can not argue though we know it is impossible. We say “Yes” and come out of the meetings.

Q:  What about your work force?

A:  They are good sir.  I do not pass on all the tensions to them.  I know Thay are doing their
best so they will not be able to do more.  So I do not pressurize them.  I scold them when they falter but will not penalize them.

Q:  How do you feel about your remuneration, perks given by the company?

A:  Sir, I have come to this level in spite of my low education.  I think I can not expecting any thing more.  I am OK with what salary I get and am happy about it.

Q:  How are things at home?  Any problems there?

A:  We are fine at home.  My wife is understanding and is accustomed for my late hour working. 
Children are ok.  No problems there.  My tentions are only at the office.

Q:  Did you talk to your management about the tensions and tell them that their targets are un reasonable?

A:  No sir.  We know they will not like to hear such things.  We can not help.  We have to just listen and come away. There is no receptive attitude.

Objective symptoms: 

Mr. T was very calm and smiling always.  He does not show any symptoms of tension.

Q:  You say you have tensions at work.  But that does not show on your face?

A:  Sir as I said it is not possible to meet all targets.  So I set only what is possible and do not give much attention to the other unachievable part.  That will be done tomorrow.  So I relieve my tension that way.  Tomorrow the story repeats again.  ( He laughs)

As I was a student in homeopathy learning on mental symptoms, I wrote up what all he told and thought about the salient observations.

The following were my observations.

Main theme.  He has to bear with the problem.  He has to bear with the attitude of the management. 

Rubric:  MIND  (Recognizes) every thing, but can not
move.  Cocc, sang.

MIND  Cares, others about.  Ars, caust, cocc, lach, sulph, zinc.

MIND - Content:  aloe, aalum aur, bor, caps, carbn-h, carl, cic, coca, cocc, cycl, fl-ac ….

Tranquility, calmness

I gave him a dose of Cocculus Indicus 30 C. and asked him to take it during night.

After one month I met him at his works and observed him.  He was not rubbing his eyelids any more.

I asked him “ how is your itch?

He asked “ What itch sir?”

He had totally forgotten about his itch.  It silently vanished.  His sneezing is better and he tolerates cold water bath also.

He was astonished.  “Do you mean to say that those 4 pills cured me?”

I said “ That is homeopathy”.

Till date, we meet but he is normal indicating a perfect cure by homeopathy.

I ventured to post all the discussions so that the theme is understood.


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Hello Sir,
A good case. Your selection of rubrics is different and mainly mind based. Cocculus is a very good remedy for ailments from night watching. Thanks for presenting your experience.
With Regards,
Poorni Sudhakar
Good case taking is most important step in Homeopathy. We have to understand our patient not only in relation to disease but also medicine and his/her Individual self.

Beauty of above presentation lies in this.

May we get in detail information about our patient in a way that we can diagnose our remedy as well as disease.We can get this if we are determined to get this job done in most precise and strict way.

case taking is very important step.

Great job done sir, all the best.
nice case, did you publish in magazine anywhere?
This is a Kentian approach.Homeopathy is miraculous system of medicine.Thanks Anand.
Continue the good work!
Excellent case take up and nice selection of medicine, Good work.


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