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This a very miraculous case of fish scale disease cured as per classical Homoeopathy principles. The formatting is complex and a number of photographs are used in the case presentation. Kindly see the attached pdf file to read this very informative case history. Thanks.

Ichthyosis_Vulgaris_Cured_With Homoeopathy.pdf

Ichthiosis vulgar | One of the most common of the inherited skin disorders. It may begin in early childhood. The condition is inherited in an autosomal dominant pattern. That means you only need to get the abnormal gene from one parent in order for you to inherit the disease.

The condition is often more noticeable in the winter. It may occur along with atopic dermatitis, keratosis pilaris (small bumps on the back of the arms), or other skin disorders.


Dr Rajneesh Sharma explains the findings from consultation, listing the major rubrics of mind, generals and skin which as seen in photographs are dry and scaly.

During the winter time the skin cracks, surprisingly without itching. This rubric can be found under 'eruptions.'

The mind symptoms include: angers easily, difficult concentration and weakness of memory.

The food desires include sweets, fats, with preference for warm drinks, even though thirstless.

The boy has a tendency to catch colds, with vomiting and diarrhea and the formation of abscesses.

Using the computer programs to break down the miasmatic categories of the same rubrics, we find syphilitic, psoric, cancerous, tubercular and sycotic.

Many remedies may be observed to potentially heal this skin disease.

After months of the selected constitutional remedy produced no relief, the miasmatic intercurrent nosode was given. Thereafter, the selected remedy acted.


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Truly amazing results with homeopathy, considering this type of childhood skin disease is attributed to a genetic hereditary default. Were moisturizers used? It will be interesting to follow this case over the course of months and years, since the skin eruptions may typically come and go throughout life. 

Dear Debby,

That is absolutely true. Such type of cases need prolonged and careful treatments. No moisturizers were used. Soap was prohibited.


Thanks Vik. You liked it. Regards.

Dear Debby, the abstract is very good and informative. Whole case is covered. Thanks for writing this.


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