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In the year 2002, One Dr. MR MBBS sent a person named JH of age 25 years, originally a man from Bangladesh, who contracted HIV from Singapore to me for Homeopathic treatment. He suffered from continued fever and was sent to the Singapore General Hospital for treatment. He was found to be HIV positive and was sent immediately back home. In the past, I treated and cured a patient with hepatitis B virus referred by Dr. MR to me, which convinced him about the curative power of homeopathy over viral diseases.
Since HIV/AIDS has no systematic treatment in homeopathy, I was looking for the probable causative factor of such a viral disease since it does not fall clearly in any miasmatic class of diseases. After the family history of the patient, I found a tubercular history in both the paternal and maternal side. This family history was confirmed by the continued fever of the patient which was named by the hospital as PUO (pyrexia of unknown origin). From my previous experience, I selected Tuberculinum Bovinum as the medicine of first choice to be applied to the patient and I acted accordingly. The potency was selected as the 50 millesimal potency which I generally do for the nosodes in chronic miasmatic diseases. One month after the beginning of the remedy in LM/1 potency, the fever came down from 100.5 to the normal level of 98.6. After further one month of medication, the patient began to have urethral discharge of bloody pus, which continued for further 3 months, accompanied by painful burning sensation which was kept under bearable limit by homeopathic medicines like Canthris, Berberis Vulgaris, Terebinth etc. After the end of this discharge, the Elisa Test was performed on the patient which was found to be negative for HIV. This miraculous result was informed to the organization ICCDR,B who control the treatment of HIV/AIDS patients in Bangladesh. They were skeptical about such a result from homeopathic treatment and advised the patient to undergo allopathic treatment. My patient did not agree to their suggestion and continue with the homeopathic treatment. Every year blood of the patient has been tested and is found to be negative for HIV.
Although this experiment of homeopathic treatment on HIV does not give any confirmative result, such an experiment can be repeated for more HIV infected people which we could not do due to unavailability of HIV/AIDS patient in Bangladesh. I, therefore, urge my fellow homeopathic doctors, especially from the HIV infected regions of Africa to communicate with HWC so that we conduct similar experiments with homeopathy for treating HIV/ AIDS. 

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Thanks doctor I much appreciate your effort and thanks a lot to discuss this case on HWC. Homoeopathy needs more and more such type of work. Your selection on basic miasm confirm the Hahnemannian concept of disease. Miasm is the fundamental cause of any malady which is known as disease.
Thanks for your wise comment.
Dear Doctor Rashid:
Thank you for sharing this case. Hence, the importance of clarifying that the ELISA and Western Blot are not specific for the detection of HIV. These tests can be positive to a variable number of diseases. Thus, a positive test will never mean HIV. Personally, I have treated "HIV" patients, and what I can say is that regardless of whether they continue to be positive, now they are healthy (or controlled, as our opponents would say).
Thanks for your kind attention,dear doctor.Please keep an eye on my submissions in future and pass your wise comments for the development of HWC.
Definitely, it is a Homoeopathic cure. Doctor Rashid didn't aim to cure HIV,as such,but selected the remedy, depending upon Homoeopathic Principles, by individualizing the patient.

Dr Rashid deserves compliments for such a brilliant cure and also the patient, who seems to have enough faith in Doctor and Homoeopathy that he continued treatments, despite urethral discharge of blood and pus for more than 3 months.

Any way a brilliant cure and eye opener for Allopaths, who dismiss Homoeopathy, as a placebo effect.WHO and other agencies must consider Homeopathy when it comes to HIV/AIDs
Dear doctor, I have some more weapons to fight diseases. We have been playing a defensive game, now is the time to play some offensive role. I request the members of HWC including the opponents, to keep an eye on the arena.
HIV Elisa test many times may be false. To say A.B,C patient is HIV positive, one have to go for confirmatory blood test i.e.Western Blot Test & CD 4 & 8. You can only assess the progress from CD4 & 8. The patient may be symptomatically OK but unless and until these test become OK you never claim AID patient is cured.
Dr. Sahni BS
It's so encouraging to see results like this.  Since posting this article, have you treated any more HIV/AIDS patients?  I'm curious as to the dosing schedule you followed.  Perhaps other homeopaths who have seen more HIV/AIDS patients have noticed whether the predominant miasm is tubercular.   

Dear Dale Moss,

It is very unfortunate that, in my country  homeopathic practitioners are not entitled to advertise openly to treat HIV patients with homeopathy. Only allopathic treatment is allowed for HIV patients. So I had no opportunity to treat another HIV patient. Moreover like other diseases, people get treated by allopathy first until their immune system gets severely damaged, when homeopathy cannot act curatively. If we can get in touch with HIV positive patients in the early stage, we could show miraculous cures.

If you offer your kind cooperation, we can extend our expertise in America through  you to serve similar incurable diseases. This can make a breakthrough in the field of homeopathy in your country. We can start a center for telemedicine which can bridge the gap between our two countries. 

I hope you may find something interesting in my humble proposal for the betterment of homeopathy.

Yours sincerely

Dr. S. N Rashid          



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