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Recently, I have had a case of Pyrexia of unknown origin. High grade fevers with no thirst, marked physical and mental restlessness and body pains. Severe long lastings spells of chills, for 2 hours, not better with warm wraps. Thirst for small quantities of cold water during chills and perspiration. Profuse perspirations during stage of Chills.

Tongue indented with bitter taste. Stool normal. Sleeplessness. Mild cough and coryza.

All the pathological findings in laboratory normal. TLC, DLC, ESR, CRP within normal range. MP, Widal, RA factor etc. all negative.

A lot of treatment was taken for last 15 days.

Thanks to a single dose of Ignatia 30 which cured all the ailments within a few hours. No need to repeat, as the patient got absolutely cured with it.



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Excellent.Here homeopathy has an edge over other systems of medicine.



Thanks Sir.

A peculiar chill & shivering with thirst not relieved by external heat ....IGNATIA

Good selection Dr. Rajneesh....

Thanks Sir.

Is this the only symptom which guided towards IGNATIA?.Hope  Dr sharma will enlighten us because there are some other medicines having the same symptom.I suppose.



Sir, at a glance, contradictions indicate Ignatia.

I agree.



Thanks sir.
This case of Dr. Rajneesh clearly supports the fact that the disease based therapeutic got little or no value in the selection of Homeopathic medicines.
Very true Dr. Bahl. Regards.
Nice case.....and the basis of prescribing Ignatia was.......?
I am so curious to know why Ignatia was prescribed?
contradictory symptoms. Pl. review the case. Regards Dr. Aparna.


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