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A case of face wart of 6 years duration. Warts (pigmented spot ) becomes prominant in sunshine. They were mostly non itching. I have used many remedies in 6 months duration from time to time including transmission of Causticum, Sepia, Thuja, Calcares (all in LM and Drug Transmission).
But ultimate success got from Drug Transmission of Sulphur 0/3.( After teleconfrencing consultation of Dr.M.K.Sahni of Patna)
Case is still under treatment and only some spots are remaining.

I want to add here few more points after Debby has pointed me

1- Yes I have consent with patient.
2-I have added the repertorisation sheet of patient.
 3- I have given each remedy for at least 1 to 2 months according to selection.
These warts were not since birth but developed some 6 years back to present.
 Yes patient has a recurrent tendency to styes(rubric taken in repertorisation sheet)
 Mental were child was very irritable, wants to sit in another room or go somewhere as he become angry. Yet he
has fear of being alone. He also has bathing aversion.
 Initially I have prescribed Causticum just by appearance of wart.
 4-all the drugs were prescribed only via Drug transmission and potency were LM1 or 0/1

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Thanks for appreciation, did u got case is Cured By Drug Transmission not by Oral Method
This method is Known as Drug Transmission/Hair Transmission or Sahni Effect(after its discoverer Dr.B.Sahni of Patna in 1967.
Read more at link

See more cases cured by this method at link
i do believe in drug transmission but why you did not try sul orally.
There are many benefits of Drug Transmission over the traditional oral method which I witness in my everyday private Homeopathic practice, so now I have adopted drug transmission about 99% of Cases
thanks ravi for posting keep up the great work
its really intersting case. keep it up. i have also come across the same cases which were cured by the causticum single dose only 1 case of a 30 yr old patient was free from facial warts by a single dose of carcinosis-30 prescribed on constitutional bases.

Thanks Dr.Ejaz for yr reply, this case has been cured by Medorrhinum 0/1 transmission in 1 month(6 yrs duration)soon i will post the picures and full case detail of cure
Here is a case of warts that I posted on the web a few years ago. Unfortunately I didn't take photos before the cure.
Sure Dr.I have studied the case at Hpathy, that is the reason I have alwayas insisted on Documentation of case.
Here is another case of Wart cure in 2 month, by single dose of Causticum 50(medicine selection was upon experience base--appearance and type)

These are today's Photographs

Dear Dr.Gray, thanks for interest in case. I don;t understand exactly yr parameters, if u are talking about case taking and case analysis, it was done strictly under Hahnemannian mthod, hence repertorisation sheet attached.
If u are talking about drug transmission(Hair transmission/Sahni effect) then first investigate that method in your practice and then tell us about its failure,(u can learn more about drg transmission by link

How can i make proof of a method other than producing cured cases with photos and datas.
Your case is amazing, will you tell me please "What is drug transmission or Shani effect"


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