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Female patient

Presenting symptoms:

Cysts in the right side of the neck

Minor skin cancers all over the body (some removed some not currently considered dangerous)

Brown discharge before menses since an abortion 5 months previously.

Gradual loss of weight.

Feel active and very positive about things.

Long history of menstrual problems.

PMS – very bad, lots of weeping, feel completely wretched.

Stopped menstruating at one point after taking the pill, became depressed and self-destructive – this was 4 years ago.

Breasts spontaneously develop milk – 6-7 times in the last 3 years.

Lots of menstrual pain, sensations of dragging downwards.

“I am trying to do more feminine things” (patient has a ‘tomboy’ look about her)

Tell me about the abortion

“I cried a lot before and after. I was very angry, I was forced to make the decision. I thought that I couldn’t have children after this. It was life altering. There were feelings of disappointment”

Seems to have cycles of losing and gaining weight, around 2 year cycles.

History of many injuries to the right side of the body, rubella around the time of menarche, middle ear infections around 16 years old

Tell me a bit about yourself

“I am erratic in everything I do. I change my attitude often. My interests or focus changes often. I have a diverse group of friends. I start programs and leave them for others to continue. I get bored really quickly.”

“I smoke a lot of cannabis, I drink heaps of coffee. I think I have excessiveness in my genes. My family has a history of addiction problems. I am an artistic person and need to express myself through art”

Tell me a bit more about the drug use

“I often feel bored, I am not going anywhere. I smoke marijuana to ground myself. I smoke it every day. I try to control the coffee but I often have 3 cups a day minimum – I may actually have up to 7 cups a day (!). I smoke about 50 cigarettes a week. I have a problem with alcohol as well, I am learning how to moderate it. I used to have more of a problem with it, I used to drink every day. I have experimented with a lot of drugs.”

“I have this internal battle going on. I look at the things I do to myself, it is so self-destructive. I have thought about suicide in the past. “

“I have this obsession with death. I hang around graveyards. I never felt there was a point to life. I hung out at graveyards a lot when I was 13-20, I found them to be peaceful. I have read a lot of religious works. I am not scared of death. “

“I have an evil sense of humor, dark, sarcastic. I am selfish, I like everything my own way. I have a problem with authority, with people trying to force me to do things. I get this white hot anger. I am a very assertive person.”

“I am judgmental about people who bore me, I will drift off into dreamland. I tend to enjoy spending time with older people, calm people.”

“I don’t like nightclubs, fanatics, loud music, segregation, try-hard gurus, people being cruel to others, people who talk foolishly or without purpose”

Any fears?

Spiders jumping on me

Being attacked, being mugged

Enclosed spaces

Crowds, busy bars, lights noise people

Tell me about you as a child

“I wanted to be a hermit. I was very responsible. I have a younger brother who is handicapped and I was the only one who could understand him. I taught him to speak.”

“I did a lot of charity work with disabled children.”

“I didn’t like people, I had no friends. I felt the world wasn’t real, like the world was two-dimensional. I was totally isolated, and I was ok with that. I would sit and pray that the aliens would come and take me back. “

“My confidence is very good, I am masculine. I often had to defend my brother and myself a lot from people. I have always been well-muscled, athletic. I didn’t like little girl games or girl-talk. Women often feel I am a threat. I hate wearing dresses. However, my confidence was terrible after taking the pill.”

Tell me a bit more about your relationship with people generally

“I feel nothing towards other people. When I look at other people I see the bad stuff. If the whole world was demolished tomorrow I wouldn’t care. For me the perfect place would be a farm, on my own. I am eccentric, a weirdo, I don’t fit in anywhere. That is why I wanted the aliens to take me back – I don’t belong here I belong with the aliens. I have always sat back and observed, always sat back from interacting with people and observed their behavior, look at why they act in certain ways. Like I am studying them.”

Anything traumatic happen to you?

“I don’t know if this is important, but I had an induced birth”

“I nearly drowned at 1 years old, but I remember it being ok (!)”

“I was nearly bitten by a black snake at 2 years old”

“The biggest thing was that I was kidnapped at 4 years old for a few hours. I was taken to a graveyard. I was afraid that I wouldn’t get away, that he would chase me. I felt really sorry for him because he was really lonely – all alone in the world.”

“I have trouble with reality – is this world real?”

Dreams that reoccur?

Climbing a building, a tower with many floors. You get to a certain point and you wake up. The feeling is if you don’t make it you will die.

Bizarre dreams

Dreams of the future and a sense of déjà-vu when it happens in real life

Dreams of being pursued

Vivid dreams I can taste and smell – it is another reality.


So all I was doing at this time for the majority of my patients was simply translating parts of the case into rubrics – I was still shaky on miasm and core delusion and most of the group /kingdom information was unpublished or unknown to me. I was also struggling with the process of identifying the important parts of the case/the disease and would tend to grab anything that looked interesting.

Desire for amusement

Antagonism with herself


Confusion of mind, as if in a dream

Contradiction, intolerant of

Delusion, doubted his own existence

Delusion everything is strange

Delusion everything is unreal

Dreams vivid


Mocking, sarcasm

Mood changeable

Also I made the mistake of assuming that excessive drug-use = Sycotic miasm

Prescription = Cannabis indica 200, one dose, liquid form, 10 drops

Follow up two months later:

“After that remedy, I went  around telling everyone that I hated them. I developed this hatred of the universe, of society. I felt despair and sadness and anger. When I watched the news I felt disappointed in people. There is no point to the world, look at what humans are doing to it! This is how I was when I was 13-21. Anger at the world for being so stupid. It eventually calmed down.”

“I stopped drinking alcohol. I have been feeling more moderate. I got through my exams better than I thought I would. Oh and my brother tried to commit suicide (!)”

Tell me how you feel right now

“I see no point to life. I don’t belong in this world. Things don’t affect me. I don’t know how to describe this, how to communicate with you.”

“I am biting the skin around the nails – it is like I am cannibalizing myself”

“I don’t need other people. When I travel I will up and leave without telling them. People around you hold you back. I have no past – my past only exists if I come back to them. I have no emotional attachment.”

“It is like I have two existences – one is material, the other doesn’t need the material plane – it is just a game. Other people see important things in things that are pointless. I am not in the same world as them.”

“I don’t do social chit-chats – I just listen.

“I feel almost ‘holier-than-thou’

“When I was young, I realized I had a huge potential for evil. I would sit in front of the mirror and stare – I would see a demonic face. As a baby I wouldn’t play with dolls or with people – that is how strong my aversion to people was.”

“I don’t like people caring about me. I don’t like consolation. When I am in distress I withdraw, I retreat. Don’t give me sympathy!”

Analysis of the reaction:

This is the wrong direction of cure. The patient is worse on a spiritual level, regardless of the drop in alcohol consumption. The use of drugs is a symptom of the deeper problem and its disappearance is not a good sign when the cause is worse.

What has happened, and what often happens when the wrong remedy is given, is that the real problem becomes very sharply defined. It is a clear signpost directing you to where you should be paying attention.

I knew a lot less of the groups back then. Years later on reviewing this case it was clear to me what remedy group she belonged to, but I had no way to use that information then. What I did have was information on the newer miasms, and I became clear to me that she needed a medicine from the Leprosy miasm

Leprous characteristics:

Great contempt


Mutilation, tears himself, bites himself

Intense hopelessness


Avoids the sight of people, shuts himself up


There is no hope to be normal, there is only isolation from others

So now to find a Leprous remedy, that fits the rest of the case –

Leucorrhea, brown, before menses – arist-cl, hir, sac-alb

Aggravation before menses  - lots of remedies

Mood alternating/Changeable – lots of remedies

I noticed at this point that Arist-cl had come up in all these 3 rubrics so far, and I had read that it might fit the leprous miasm. When I looked at the common name of the plant, I was very interested – it is called Birthwort “when drunk in wine it brings away both birth and afterbirth and whatsoever a careless midwife had left behind”.  This was enough for me to look over the remedy

“A woman’s remedy. It is a hybrid of Sepia, Puls and Arnica, if it is permitted at all to express something new, different and unknown in terms of something already familiar. The physical symptoms bear a striking resemblance to Pulsatilla. The mentals and personality type seem nearer to Sepia. Among my own patients…the striking observation was the prevalence of extremes of moods…either a marked depression or a rather forced or unreasonable exhilaration and cheerfulness, even in alternation. ..also extreme states of extroversion and introversion in the same person…They are not easily comforted like Pulsatilla but rather inconsolable and cross when in the depression… (Whitmont)

“Sensation of loneliness, refuses society”


“Brown discharges”

“Premenstrual aggravation”

“Emotional instability”

“Depression comes when menses is suppressed, improves with return of menses”

“In routine office work, first consideration is be given to Aristolochia before any other remedy (unless definitely indicated) in any case of suppressed or deficient menstruation” (Whitmont)

Prescription = Arist-cl 30, 3 doses, liquid, 10 drops, once a day with observation of result after each dose.

Second follow-up 2 months later:

“I have felt really good. My brother tried to suicide again but this time I was able to go to him and support him, show him that I care.

“My periods are almost normal now, no pain, no PMS – I might be slightly uptight before them now”

“The feelings of isolation just don’t seem to be there, I haven’t really thought about it at all”

“I feel more connected to my partner – I am really looking forward to him coming back from his trip. I didn’t really care before, could have taken him or left him”

“Been busy at work, my work seems to have picked up (massage). I don’t know why but it is good, I am keeping myself busy”

“I had the flu for 3 days after the remedy, lots of phlegm deep in the lungs, all came up”

“I have given up alcohol completely – I have no need for it now. I smoked marijuana quite a bit for a while there but now the desire for it is disappearing.

“I had some moments of feeling paranoid that someone had broken into my house – would have to check doors and windows. That is gone now”

“When friends are in my space now, I feel like I should look after them – odd to feel that way”

Third follow-up 6 months later, by phone:

“I have felt good, I haven’t thought much about all that stuff really. My life feels pretty normal, I feel like I am in the world, really in it. Nothing seems strange about it now, just ordinary. My relationships are all good – I am ok with people now. I still am not drinking or smoking anymore. That feels great, I feel so clean! Work is still great. It’s all great”

Further to the remedy and its group:

The other parts of the case, that I could not utilize at this stage of my training, were the references to being in another plane, being separate from reality, feeling in her own world, being in a dream, feelings of bizarreness and strangeness. I thought that Cannabis covered it (and clearly was not the case for this woman). In fact these expressions are all part of the Magnolianae family to which this plant belongs (it is the Leprous member of this family)

“The outside world seems strange, bewildering, confusing, she feels isolated and not part of it, and the reaction is withdrawal”

“Create their own world which is familiar, and shut out the real world which seems strange.”

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Hello... interesting case!  I have a question:  since reading at this site I notice that many homeopaths talk about x drops of the remedy each day.  My personal experience as a person in treatment is to take 1 tsp. of a medicinal solution, one time and then update the practitioner on the scheduled date.  

So I note that taking "drops" daily is a different protocol than I'm used to following when given a remedy. I wonder why a homeopath would prescribe "drops each day/every other day" vs. making a medicinal solution, stirring and shaking it and moving it to the DC that contains 4 more ounces of water.  I am used to taking the remedy, tracking the daily events and updating a few weeks later.

Does this question make sense?  I'm just curious since I've never used a homeopathic remedy daily for my dogs or for my own treatment using the "daily drops" method.  Also, I've never taken acutes any way other than measuring a teaspoon directly from the bottle (after stirring and shaking), and self-administering the dose one time a day for no more than 3 days.  :-)  There is so much to learn.  Yes?  

I hope I'm not bothering you with the question.



Dosage needs to be individualized for each patient, although in the beginning you will not know enough about the patient to make the appropriate call. In that case it is probably better to err on the side of caution (giving single or very few doses) until the patient's sensitivity can be ascertained.

The method of diluting you are describing is the method by which we adjust the medicine to match how sensitive the patient is. The more sensitive, the more times you dilute the medicinal dose. Some patients are not so sensitive that they need to do this, but can tolerate the medicinal drops directly. Some patients even tolerate the pillules put directly in the mouth without trouble. In fact, for patients with low sensitivity, it can actually be more beneficial for them to have a lower level of dilution, or no dilution at all.

Daily dosing is often useful when there has been a lot of medical suppression in the case, where there is extensive physical pathology, or where the patient takes some other kind of suppressive medicine very regularly (or even self-medicates with things like alcohol or painkillers). It can be a mistake to assume that a patient only needs 1 or 2 doses, and in fact you may not seen much of a reaction at all if you have given too few doses.



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