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A case of Dermatitis( cracked Hand) Modalities Of Homeopathy- Drug Transmission Through Hair

Case approached me on 25/03/2010. A person of age about 38 years showing his cracked had, which was painful and bleeding.
His problem started in winter of 2007. He is a 4th class work man at Railway office.
Upon case taking following complaints were reported
Crack in the hand pal, painful and sometimes bleeding,
He has bleeding gum and has tendency to clench his teeth together,
Perspiration profuse i the summer.
GIT no complaint
Food and Drink Desire for Sour and Pungent things.
Falling of hair and dandruff.
Sleeplessness after going to bed for half an hour.
Sleep position is right side.
He has pain in the leg cal since 12 days.
He has applied many allopathic ointments over eruptions.
All complaints aggravated in winter.
He has been appointed in railway in 2007, no perticlar anxiety.
During anger don't take his meal.
During anger abusive.
No particular fear
Case was repertorised with following rubrics.
Sepia 0/1 was transmitted through patients hair on 25/03/2010

Marked improvement was observed in just one month, hence transmission continued for one more month.

after one more month patient reported complete cure hence  didn't comes again and transmission detached

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With Boenninghausan TPB,using three physical symptoms only;
The result is wonderful.
Thanks Dr.
I want to stress here the beauty of Repertorisation , neither most of Us had thought of Petroleum about this case.
Dear Dr very good remedy
once again thank you dr. ravi for posting you amazing cured cases using long distance hair transmission!
Thanks Dr.For ur encouragement.
Very nice cure. Thanks Homoeopathy. Congrates to be a Homoeopath.
Thanks Dr.For ur encouragement.
Oh my god this patient has returned today once again after I had detached his hair last month.
He is showing some hard eruptions over palm, I am again Transmitting Sepia 0/1, he is also complaining that his hair fall problem started again.
Watch his reply [URL=]View My Video[/URL]

Dear Dr,
Actually skin cracks are deep psoric states. The correct medicine needs much time to cure. We have to allow that. Coming up of old symptoms shows that we are on right track

Dr Akbar
Thanks Dr. I will update information as soon as i will Get.

Deaqr Dr Thanking you



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