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A case of Chyluria of 25 years standing cured by Drug Transmission

Chyluria, also called chylous urine, is a medical condition involving the presence of chyle in the urine stream.

Chyluria is often caused by filariasis due to the parasite Wuchereria bancrofti,
a thready nematode which lodges the lymph channels.] Another cause is
pregnancy or childbirth.

Once the lymph channels are blocked, one may open into the kidney hilum or ureter or sometimes into the bladder
and chyle can leak into the urinary tract resulting in milky white
urine. Blood sometimes mixes with the urine resulting in

This was a case of 25 years standing. Case was treated with homeopathy and that too by Drug Transmission through hair.
(you can listen the patient's version at different dates.)

Her problem started some 25 years ago with passing of milky urine with white flakes and sometimes blood clots.
She also had tuberculosis 2 times.
She has pain in extremities from weakness(loss of protein)
Sleep was disturbed easily and feel restlessness.
There was constipation and she passes stool every 3-4 days.
There was lot of flatulence.
She had perspiration and that too in coldest weather.
Mentally she is angry disposition if not obeyed.
Does not like consolation.
Wants solitude mostly.
She is very fastidious , even when sick, daily bathing.
Xantholasma near eyes.
She has tried almost all treatment and pathies.

Case was Repertorised with RADAR 9.2 software

First medicine of choice was of Arsenic Alb and transmitted by Hair of Patient on 03/06/2010.

Case improved a little in constipation and face swelling.
Acid Phos 0/1 was transmitted on 21/06/2010 owing to keynote of milky urine and other symptoms, but no relief was observed.

Ultimate success  was with Sepia 0/1 transmission. Patient has come with another three patients this time. Treatment continues.

Please watch the video in Full screen mode. Patients' version in different dates in hindi.

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thank you once again for sharing your long distance hair transmission cases


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