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This case came to me by a referral of a famous Village doctor.
Baby was born normally at home with no evidence or history of injury. Scalp
swelling appeared on the 3rd day. as u might be knowing this is the
usual course of Cephalhematoma. There occurs minute haemorrage due to
rupture of veins of scalp during passage via birth canal.
The swelling was hard (not pulsating).
Diagnosis was clear just by seeing its appearance and case history.
i have enquired any peculiarity or sign, symptom of case , but unable to find that.
So i looked at the synthesis rep 9.2
there is a rubric
Calc-f, Merc, Rhust, Silicea.
When i had gone for Encyclopedia Homoeopathic there i found statement of Guernsey about Cephalhematoma as Calcarea
Carb is the best remedy for this condition.
Si I transmitted the Calc Carb 0/1 on 21/03/2010
Next week when I visited my Balrampur Clinic no effect at all was observed.
I again seen the case and Found Milia over the face(below rt eye), So I ahve decided to Switch over to Silicea
(I have cured at least 5 cases of Milia with silicea) and transmitted
in 0/1 potency with Hair.
Next week when pt did't reported I called her Father's mobile no, he said SAHEB U TAU THEEK HOI GAWA YEH LIYE NAHI
AYEN(Sir it was cured so i did't come) I insisted to continue treatment
so he again shown me her baby yesterday (11/04/2010), and swelling gone
to almost 90 %.
What i want to stress here is that if it were spontaneous then it should have reduced at least 10-20%

Please also note the milia present at face (confirmatory symptom of Silicea)

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Thank you for sharing this case. Can you teach more about this symptom "milia"?
Oh Sure, Milia are the bump of Sebaceous collection over the face , mostly just below the eyes. A horizonal incision is recommended by allopaths and sqeezing the material.
I have cured many cases of Milia by Silicea
See of mine single

And a patient

Thank you for these illustrations. And silicea seems to be a helpful remedy for this condition. This, I shall remember now.
Dear Dr.Ravi Singh,
Good work!
But I did not understand the sentence "Si I transmitted the Calc Carb".
What does it mean. Could you please explain me?
Did you apply Sil 0/1 locally on the hair when Cal-carb was already been given internally..
Waiting to hear from you.
Dear Dr.Thanks for appreciation,. The method i used is Knwn as drug Transmission or Hair Transmission, we transmit the medicine without touching or feeding by mouth.
Se more at my website link
good case sir,rare case to come to homeopath.kindly explain abt 0/1 wht u meant by that/how much dose u have given?
0/1 means LM of Fifty millisamal potency, method of application was Drug Transmission through hair
thanks for sharing the case.
Dear Dr.Singh,

Thank you for sharing this case. If you do not mind,can you please illustrate further as to why " I insisted to continue treatment " . In my humble thought, if the remedy was transmitted by hair,
1. then does the patient really has any say in this situation?
2. what are the rules and regulations set for collecting and proper disposal of hair/s once the treatment is finished?
3. What are the guiding factors in cases like this when patient is so far away and may not be able to report progress or deterioration etc on time?

Thank you,


Dear Dr. Suhas
All these questions bothers our mind until we apply dug Transmission in our practice, anyway
1- I usually provide some disketts/ placebo along with transmission in most patients,
2- Disposal- wash it and throw the hair.
3-In todays world of mobile and internet communication is so easy, and transmission in fact has a superiority over oral method that we can change medicine according to situation from a distance.

Remember THE TASTE OF PUDDING LIES IN ITS EATINg, apply this method in yr practice u wil be amazed by its results I BET.
Dear Dr.Ravi,
Right selection of remedy,leading to cure.Congratulations.-Dr.Suresh Jain.
Thanks Dr.for appreciation, have u ever tried Drug Transmission..


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