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MRS.T.G.K., 69Yrs old lady, consulted me on 10th October1998, with only a single symptom:

  • A pedunculated, painless wart on anterior side of neck since one year.
  • She has cauterized it earlier 6 month back but it recurred again. She went to Surgeon who denied to operate & referred her to me.
  • She was much anxious regarding her wart.
  • I asked her, is it really necessary to get it removed?
  • She answered that’s why I am here. Is it really getting removed with homoeopathy?
  • No other complaints she answered.
  • I thought : “Why a lady of 69 yrs desires to remove a painless wart?”
  • Don’t you think it is interesting?
  • I asked the same to her.
  • She answered: Doctor, don’t you feel that it looks too ugly?

So, to start with the case, she gives us a hint if you are logical Homoeopathic Practitioner. But it’s too early to come to certain induction & getting prejudiced. We must perceive the whole case & then come to certain conclusion.

  • According to Organon §185-209, it becomes a One sided local malady.
  • We are now totally without any other data. So what should we do?
  • In § 5 Dr. Hahnemann says How to investigate a Fundamental cause?
    So, we have to ask regarding Past, Family, Personal History along with Life Space Investigation to understand the Dynamic derangement of Vital Force.

Past History:

  • Since 1965- A diagnose case of Myxoedema – She is on Eltroxin since.
  • 1972 - Right radical mastectomy was done due to Ca-breast followed by radiotherapy.
  • 1977 - Early menopause - She got DUB for which D&C was done followed by menopause.
  • 1980-81 - Both eyes cataract operated.
  • 1990 - Myocardial infarction followed by angioplasty.

Family History:

  • Father died early due to Ca prostate.

Personal History:

  • Sleeplessness due to multiple thoughts & ideas.

Life Space Investigation:

  • A lady from well to do family, married early due to her father’s death.
  • Husband LIC Businessman, has 4 sons & 2 daughters. All of them are very much settled & married.
  • Since childhood, she is a happy go lucky, like outing in the nature.
  • In fact she loves traveling & visiting different places.
  • She is quiet excitable & therefore gets irritable very early for time being but it immediately disappears & becomes cheerful.
  • She is very perfect in her work.
  • Due to which always in anxious mood whether she make it perfect & expect that every one also should follow her. Therefore, every time reproaches her daughter in laws.
  • Even though, she offends, she also shows love to others.
  • She likes pet animals more & shows more sympathy for them.

Physical General Examination:

  • Wt - 65kg.
  • Pulse - 78/min.
  • BP - 130/88 mm of Hg.
  • Affectionate appearance, fair, good looking, up to date in dressing, wearing dark green saree with design of flowers on it.

Miasmatic Background: CANCER

  • Family H/O Ca Prostate
  • Past H/O Ca breast
  • Perfectionism
  • Extremist

Repertorial Totality:

  • Affectionate
  • Anxiety of conscience
  • Dancing desire for
  • Music desires
  • Irritability alternate with cheerfulness
  • Travel desires to be
  • Reproaches others
  • Fastidious
  • Thunderstorm during >
  • Skin, Eruption, Warts

Result of Repertorisation:

  1. Carcinosin 20/10
  2. Nat mur 11/7
  3. Platina 7/7
  4. Ars alb 13/6
  5. Aur met 11/6

Homoeopathic Treatment: 10/10/1998

  • Carcinosin 1m 1dose
  • Placebo tds x 15days

25/10/1998 (15days after):

  • Wart as it is.
  • She was quiet happy & her anxiety for the same is reduced. But still asked, doctor how many days will it take to get removed?
  • Placebo bd x 1mth


  • She was very much happy showing me that the wart is on the way of falling.
  • A good base was formed for its detachment.
  • Placebo od x 1mth


  • Wart absent without a sign of it as a scar or de-pigmentation.

20/12/1998: What she said is more important -

  • Doctor, I was absolutely in doubt before taking medicine but what happened I don’t know.
  • After the first dose, which you gave me at first consultation, immediately I felt that some thing is happening in me.
  • Some change which I could not tell you in words.
  • But I am sure it was due to your medicine.
  • As medicines are going on, my irritability is also decreased considerably.

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Dr verygood with regards
good case sir.i had a similar case of 9yrs old girl had pedenculated warts on her left eye lid ,her complexion is thin ,fair ,calm and quite.her parents they had removed her warts by agin it is appearing so they have come to me.
Thank you for another thorough presentation and explanation of chosen remedies. There was quite a bit of medical history, even though no problems except this wart. Was this painless wart a malignancy?


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