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Age: 48 years

BP 110/90 Normal 

90/60 Low. when BP is low 90/60 she is not able to do any thing just prefer to laying on bed with close eyes she felt too much weakness in this condition.


Early in the morning difficult to move/stand up difficult to work laziness all the day prefer to laying.


Right foot 4th finger(before little finger)upper portion pain and as well as little finger and its all side till toe pain(with walk and with touch pains felt every time)


Legs pain but feeling better to sleep with upward legs direction and  habbit to sleep on stomach.


Left hand index finger felt pain and All other joint Pains


Backache and Pain felt in lower part of Scapula.


Asthma complain since long but now not too much but some time.


Mucus light yellowish


Darkness below eyes.


Constipation(2,3 days)


Sleep Less and Restless Uncomfortable


Hunger Less 


Thirst More


Mental symtoms are: Agrrebale,Changeable, and Quiet


Menstrual Monophase period and no other problem


My personal selected remedy is (but not given yet).


Day 1
Lycopodium 200c thrice a day.


Day 2 to day 15
2 pellets each of the following tissue salts
Kali Mur 6x
Calc Flour 6x

Kali Phos 6x.


Now Share Your Experience With This And Suggest Me Weather My Treatment Is Fine Or Not.

What is the most suitable remedy according to you?



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Dear Dr Mustafa - Is this an already cured case?
Dear Debby I wrote that this is my Aunt case history I have not given wny remedy yet but according to my limited knowledge the above remedies I have slected.
Need more opinion for my seniors..
You selected Lyco.What are the guiding symptoms.
Dear Mustafa
A patient with 48yrs of chronic symptoms cannot possibly be cured via an on line discussion.
1-It takes an in person casetaking-with the patient herself speaking
2-follow up appointments at intervals to adjust potency and Remedy protocals
3-the practicioner needs to address the aggravations patient may have
4-dietary overhaul needs to be looked into

Most often it takes one month of homeopathics for each year a patient has had symptoms
Dear Dr Mustafa

I am a bit late on the case and don't know whether you need a suggestion now !

Anyway let me tell my view points.

In my opinion many points in this case need confirmation but, there is possibility for a simillimum with the presented totality.

Let us consider the symptoms.

1. Hypotension ( Confirmed )

2. Desires to lie down. ( Confirmed )

3. Weakness < morning ( Confirmed )

4. Prefers to lie on abdomen during sleep ( Confirmed )

5. Pain in toes < touch

6. Pain in left index finger ( Confirmed )

7. Pain in legs ( want of precision on location, modality )

8. Pain in back.( no mention of side )

9. Asthma ( Vague presentation )

10. Light yellow expectoration ( Common symptom - 230 medicines )

11. Sleeplessness ( Common symptom 784 medicines )

12. Appetite wanting ( Common symptom : 570 m )

13. Thirst increased (Common symptom : 664 m)

14. Mind, changeable ( Vague presentation )

15. Mind, Quite.

Then the commons and vagues are to be eliminated and symptoms are to be coverted into rubrics.

Rubrics :

1. Blood, Hypotension

2. Genralities, Lying down, inclination to

3. Mind, Quite disposition

4. Generalities, Weakness, morning

5. Sleep, Position, abdomen on

6. Feet, Pain, toes, walking.

7. Food, Appetite, loss of, thirst with ( Synthesized rubric from two commons )

8. Hands, Pain, fingers, index finger.

9. Feet, Pain toes, ( fourth and fifth ) touch on

The we should select the fixed ones for repertorisation
See Criteria for Selection of Rubric in a Chronic Case for more details

Rubrics for Repertorisation proper :

1. Mind, Quite disposition
2. Sleep, Position, abdomen on
3. Genralities, Lying down, inclination to
4. Food, Appetite, loss of, thirst with
5. Feet, Pain, toes, walking.
6. Blood, Hypotension

Repertorial Result :

Lyc 222111 9/6
Phos 022212 9/5

Analysis of remaining symptoms :

1. Generalities, weakness, morning: Lyc3, Phos2.
2. Feet, pain, toes, touch on: Lyc1.
3. Feet, pain, toes, fifth (little), touch on : Lyc1.
4. Hands, pain, fingers, index : Lyc3, Phos1.

Then we have the confirmation : Lycopodium itself is the remedy.

I think it is better we avoid the tissue salts with the prescription.
If Lyco only is given then if you get a result we can attribute it to Lyco. There will be no confusion.
Respected Dr K Saji!

I want to add something more in above case history. Need your some attention now again.

1. Dust Allergy cause dyspnea & flu.
2. Her Father died with Diabatic.
3. Her Mother died with Cancer.
4. Elder Brother of her mother also died with Cancer.
So we can say Family Major Deseases : CANCER & DIABATIC.

5.Backache in sacrum coccyx region
6. Ankle swells after every 2 year(cause of strain/ouch foot 15-16 years ago)
7.Pain felt in both legs (Calf region).Feeling comfortable laying on abdomen with feet lifting upward.
8.Use to drink water 8-10 glass in a day(drink one glass of water 3-4 sips)
Some Blood Tests Reports Results.
Uric Acid 2.6 mg
Calcium 8.7
HB 10.30
Hemoglobin haematocrit 34.8

I give her Lyco 30C,200C but cannot get any good result. now a weak ago give her Lyco 1M one dose but in these 7 days there is no improvement in her condition.

Present Complains:

1.She complained too much pain in foot(as mentioned above in history)she felt pain upper portion of foot and finger and backache.
2.Hypotention because of this she is not able to do house hold works.

Now Sir I am waiting for your kind suggestion.


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