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Those were the days of my early practice in Delhi after my DHMS when I had a little or no confidence in my prescriptions. I always used to think that perhaps I would have selected another remedy. The only repertory I used frequently was E. Boericke, though I possessed Kent’s Repertory also.( Later days it was other way round, I rarely consulted Boericke)

In those days, an old patient was brought to me for consultation, as he was suffering from frequent fits after a head injury. They told me that the surgeons recommended brain surgery. But someone told them that Homeopathy can avoid surgery. Frankly speaking, I thought this patient would have gone to some experienced Homeopath. I told them to carry the patient to Dr. Jugal Kishore a famous and competent homeopath, but they didn’t agree to take him. I took that case reluctantly and also feeling that I could never cure this case. However, I opened the repertory before them and selected Nat. sulph 200. ( One dose, along with placebo)

Concussion -- Acon.Arn.Bell., Cic., Ham., Hyper., Kali iod., Nat. s.Op., Sul. ac.

Cerebrospinal -- Agar., Ail., Apis., Arg. n., Atrop., Bell., Bry., Cic.Cim., Cocc., Crot.Cupr. ac., Echin., Gels., Glon., Helleb., Hyos., Ipec., Kali iod., Laburn., Nat. s., Op., Oreodaph., Physost., Sil., Stram., Sul., Ver. v., Zinc. cy., Zinc. m.

Traumatic -- Acon., Arn., Bell., Hyper., Nat. s., Sil.

The patient’s wife asked me that perhaps I am looking in to the book because I didn’t have a good memory. So she also sort of lost the confidence in me. Quite a strange situation, where neither the doctor nor the patient have any confidence on the prescription. I based my prescriptioin on the above rubrics without worrying about the major complaints of fits, as I was taught that causation is more important.  I asked them to meet me after one week. I was quite sure that this patient will never come back to me again, as I was quite sure of my failure.

But to my amazement, the patient, his wife, his son came on the 3rd day since our first meeting and told me that the patient was keeping fine, except for one fit. I told them to continue with the same medicine (placebo only). After a fortnight, I again gave one dose of Nat. sulph 1M along with placebo.They continued coming to me, fearing relapse, but everything remained fine. Two persons completely benefited from this episode. One, the patient and other, I myself, who gained confidence. But eventually the winner was Homeopathy.

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Thank you for telling your story.
Excellent.I appreciate.Boericke repertory is small and accurate. It gave you the right remedy. Have you ever tried to solve this case with larger repertories using the same symptoms?
Best regards.


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