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Her mother told me that she may have been sexually abused by her uncle during her absence. The girl seems to be angry at the mention of his name. She didnt give me any physicals but I just took the mentals and gave her IGN 1M. What do you think?


MIND - AILMENTS FROM - abused; after being - sexually - children; in
MIND - AILMENTS FROM - anger - anxiety; with
MIND - AILMENTS FROM - anger - silent grief; with
MIND - IRRITABILITY - absent persons, with
GENERALS - FOOD and DRINKS - salad - desire

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Staphysagria, Lycopodium and Carcinosin are other remedies to be kept in view.
Thank you so much, I did see Lycopodium as advised by Vikhoulkas, though I couldnt see it in the repretorisation. She does have early greying of the hair and that made some sense. She can be bossy if she allowed to which I guess indicated LYC.
Following is the list of rubrics and their corresponding remedies available with me. VES in my repertorisation suggests me strongly of Platina.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM - abused; after being - sexually - children; in
acon. anac. arn. Carc. ign. kreos. lac-c. lyc. Med. nat-m. nux-v. op. Plat. sep. staph. thuj.
MIND - AILMENTS FROM - anger - anxiety; with
ACON. alum. ARS. aur. Bell. bry. calc. carc. Cham. cocc. coff. Cupr. Gels. hyos. IGN. lyc. nat-c. nat-m. NUX-V. Op. petr. phos. Plat. Puls. rhus-t. samb. sep. stann. stram. sulph. verat.
MIND - AILMENTS FROM - anger - silent grief; with
Acon. alum. am-m. ars. aur. aur-ar. Aur-m-n. bell. Bry. carc. cham. Chin. Cocc. Coloc. gels. hyos. IGN. LYC. nat-c. NAT-M. nux-v. Ph-ac. phos. plat. puls. STAPH. verat. zinc.
acon. agri. alum. androc. anh. arn. aur. Aur-m-n. aur-s. bamb-a. bar-c. bar-i. bell. bit-ar. calc. calc-s. camph. canth. caps. carb-an. carc. caust. cham. chel. clem. cocc. con. cupr. cycl. euphr. Gels. goss. hell. hyos. IGN. ip. kali-p. kiss. Kola lach. lil-t. lyc. mez. mur-ac. Naja nat-m. nat-sil. neon nept-m. nit-ac. nux-v. olnd. op. ozone Ph-ac. plat. plb. Podo. ran-s. Rheum sabad. sabal sacch-a. sal-fr. sep. spig. stram. sulph. symph. thuj. ulm-c. VERAT.
MIND - IRRITABILITY - absent persons, with
aur. fl-ac. kali-cy. lyc.
MIND - ANGER - absent persons while thinking of them; at
Aur. kali-c. kali-cy. lyc. sal-fr.

Other rubrics for consideration can be

MIND - AILMENTS FROM - abused; after being - sexually - incest
ign. sep. staph. stram.
Mind - ABUSED, ailments from being - sexual abuse, from (Murphy)
ACON. anac. ARN. CARC. IGN. lyc. Med. NAT-M. nux-v. OP. Plat. Sep. STAPH. thuj..
Interesting, I am using the Radar 8 and wonder if there is a difference with the Radar 10 as obviously it shows here.

It makes it harder to decide which remedy works better, though we can always see the character of the patient and decide always.

I appreciate your opinion.
It happened like 5 months ago.
Dr. Niel, the mother is NAT-M and I just managed to treat her successfully. So you can only imagine how easy it was to get anything out from them both. lol, thank you so much for your help. BTW, the father is absent and is in debt.
I am sure the young girl must have improved with Ign, I was just wondering, if you get a chance, you must also consider giving some medication for the person who commited this shameful act. May be his mental state is not too good, so that he does not repeat such an act with someone else.
We can consider the following rubrics for such persons:

MIND- Satyriasis
MALE Genitalia/Sex- Sexual desire- excessive
MALE-Genitalia/Sex- Sexual desire- violent

...Rajiv Chopra
In my experience Staphysagaria 10m single dose , is essential in her case.


Sounds so very logical, thank you, it was a thought I had.
Dear Dr. Chopra

Thank you for the rubrics here. Sorry for this delay in replying, I was in Bombay and just got back earlier than expected because of the heat. I am suffering from the heat effect on my face and I am using Calendula, Vit E oil, Almond oil and taking Nat-M 6X too. I did take a dose of SOL 200 advised by my homeopath here. Still waiting to see the results...seems like

The little girl, according to her mother, crossed the street the next day on her own. This was a reaction I'm sure of the IGN.

As far as the victim, being a taboo in society, its all a hush hush here. So, I guess we will not be able to help this person to avoid repeating such an act, though, its in my mind to find a way. It will be quite a battle I think.
what is the main problem at the moment?There must be something to prescribe on.


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