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3D Model Helps Doctor Repair Child's Broken Heart

15th Jan 2015 Miami Herald news carried this intriguing headline and I was enthralled.

I am reprinting the relevant part of the news for HWC members, and would like comments just for the sake of an exercise from homeopaths, especially for a few who have specialized in treating heart diseases. How would you respond regarding adjunct treatment since surgery? How can homeopathic medicines be utilized and when?

“By creating a model of a patient's heart, a cardiothoracic surgeon was able to visualize repairs before an operation.The result: The little girl is on the fast track to recovery.

Adaenelie Gonzalez had two open heart surgeries by the time she was 4.

She was born with a heart condition that prevented blood from flowing properly into the heart from the lungs, and the surgeries yielded only a temporary fix.

On Jan 15, 2015, Adaenelie had her third open-heart surgery, but this time the results may be permanent.

The Heart Program at Miami Children's Hospital created a model of Adaenelie's heart using 3D printing technology. The model allowed heart surgeons to thoroughly examine the problem areas of Adaenelie's heart before carrying out the actual surgery. The program is believed to be the first in the region to use the technology for a child born with a complex heart anomaly.

The doctors believed that time was short and she would need another procedure.

Adaenelie was born with total anomalous pulmonary venous connection, a heart disease in which the four veins that carry blood from the lungs to the heart do not attach to the left atrium. Instead, the blood is transported to a wrong area of the heart. Causing breathing difficulties and heart failures.

3D technology lets doctors manipulate blood vessels and explore how to repair the organ's damage before the actual surgery. The 3D model is identical to the heart being operated on, so doctors can envision the procedure in advance.

Dr Redmond Burke, chief of cardiovascular surgery at Miami Children's said that before seeing the 3D model, he “couldn't picture” the operation. At the time, he said the child was expected to live only days or weeks more.

Using the model, Burke was able to place a new piece of a heart from a person who died, into the exact location it needed to be in Adaenelie's heart. Once Burke did that, her blood began to flow normally.

To make the heart, the team took complex files and rendered them into a format that could be read by a 3D printer. Although looking at pictures and computer models helped Burke prepare for the procedure , by holding the model in his hands he could manipulate it and get sense of the actual operation .

Burke said the model will be beneficial both for planning surgeries and for medical education.

Since the operation Adaenelie has had accelerated post- surgery recovery, Burke said. Although she is still in hospital, she is walking around and playing, and expected to go home soon, to the happiness of her mother.

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