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The Testimony of the Clinic
By Eugene Beauharnais NASH


Case 24

1876, May 1st. A young lady, daughter of a deceased homœopathic physician, discovered pediculi capitis three weeks ago, with itching of the head, which became sore, probably from scratching. Now there are scabs on lower occiput, gradually extending up the head ; they discharge a yellow glutinous, very offensive fluid, causing hairs to adhere. Cervical glands swollen and tender to touch, on and off, for three weeks. Pale and weak. Has taken Sulph. 6 and Acon. 6, which only improved for a time.

Scabs on head moist Anath., Graph., (Lyc.), (Psor.), Rhus., Ruta (Sars.), Staph. (Sul.).
Scabs on head fetid. Graph. (Lyc.), (Merc.), Nat. mur. Rhus. (Silic.), (Sulph.).
Hair entangled. Borax, Fluor. ac., Graph., Mez., Nat. m., Psor. (Sars.), Vinca.
Pediculi capitis. (Lach.). Magnet., Maz., Oleand., Sabad., Staph., Vinca.
Glutinous fluid forming scabs, Graph. Thus Graph. proved to be the Similimum, and a dose of 14m (Fincke) was given three times a day.
May 6th. Scabs increased, and have reached the vertex, but feels much stronger. Glands not now tender. Boil on nates discharges much. Continue Graphites.
May 10th. Much better since 7th ; no discharge for two days, no offensive smell, and hair does not adhere. Continue Graph. twice a day.
May 19th. Scabs dry. Hairs adhere very little. Itching in head. Pediculi have continued all along. Boils much better. Continue Graph.
May 23rd. Felt better generally for three days. Less itching. No discharge except from scratching. Only one pediculi found today. Only one large boil on thigh. Continue Graph.
July 8th. Continued medicine until about three weeks ago, and has been steadily improving. Only occasionally a pediculi discovered. No scales for three weeks ; only a little scurfy. Hair does not fall off, and has not had to have it cut off. Feels better than she did before the eruption. No more medicine.
Aug. 28th. Reports perfectly well.
Nov. 18th. Remained well till about six weeks ago, when she had a slight return, for which she took a trituration of Graph. on her own account, with success.
1879, Feb. No return of symptoms. She considers that her general health has been better than before the eruption.

(1) This case bears upon the repetition of the dose. The patient was suffering from depressing external conditions ; these often thwart the curative action of the remedy, which then requires to be continued a longer time.
(2) After the eruption was healed the patient felt better than before. The psoric miasm is often focussed, as it were into an acute attack, and if this is treated by the appropriate antipsoric the health is permanently improved.
(3) After the Graph. was commenced, the patient felt much stronger, though the scabs were increasing. This was a sign of true improvement (see Organon, section 253) ; the increase of the eruption resulting from the endeavor of the vis medicatrix naturæ, aided by the remedy, to drive the miasm to the surface.
(4) As far as I am aware, the development of pediculi capitis has not been recorded under Graph. I am now successfully treating by correspondence, with a still higher potency of Graph., an awful case of the same disease, the characteristic indications being, as in the above case, scabs moist ; discharging offensive fluid, causing hairs to adhere, with pediculi. (Berridge.)

Case 25

A child three years of age had eczema capitis. Under allopathic local treatment the eczema disappeared ; but soon enterocolitis of a very obstinate character set in. Then the regulars could not "do" that as they had the eczema, and after they had given up the case, pronouncing it consumption of the bowels, the homœopath (myself) was called in on the ground that he could do no harm, if he could do no good. Child greatly emaciated, little or no appetite, very restless, and "stools brown fluid mixed with undigested substances and of an intolerable fetid odor." Taking into the account the history of the suppressed eczema, I prescribed Graphites 6 m (Jenichen) and in a short time a perfect cure was the result. (Nash.)

REMARKS.- Psorinum has a similar stool as was present in this case, but the eruptions of the two remedies are different, and this one corresponded to Graphites.
If this case of so long standing had not had the eruption I might have thought of China on account of the extreme weakness from long continued drain or loss of fluid, for China is another remedy that has brown fetid loose stools. So one must take in the whole case psora and all. (N.)
See my "Leaders in Homœopathic Therapeutics" for another case of eczema of the legs cured by Sulph. followed by Graphites. (N.). It will be remembered that with sulphur all the orifices are red. With Graphites they are :
1. Eczematous, eruptive or fissured.
2. The eruptions are moist, with thick glutinous discharge.
3. Obesic persons are its true subjects. These three characteristics present, it will cure many different affections.
Please post more Eczema cured cases here in this discussion.

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