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Homeopaths and other healing practitioners have "to take" a lot while listening to the patients during the 1st ana,nesis. Do you as homeopaths have special ways to prepare for it, special techniques how to take distance but still be open and what do you do after the 1st anamnesis? Can you do more than one long consultation per day?

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1-Do you as homeopaths have special ways to prepare for it,-
My reply; Get as much info on your new patient prior to appt. Study up on other modalities to support homeopathics.

2-do you have special techniques how to take distance but still be open and what do you do after the 1st anamnese?-
My reply; not clear on what your trying to ask?
I dont personally do over the phone/email long distance first appts.

3-Can you do more than one long consultations per day? -
My reply: yes of course,I think most practicioners do,my professor in India takes appts all day from AM to late Pm does not finish till midnight Aprox 100 patients daily.
He has alot of assistants to do his writen casetaking questioneers,then the patient follows up with him as the final gesture. Someone else prepairs the remedie packets.
In my case I do all of these things myself,So I will never take that many patients,Impossible unless I had help.
Hi Gina,
to explain question nr. 2: I ment the consultation face to face. During the consultation you may hear many sad, "too private" or even shocking things. Even if we try to think conciously: this doesn´t have to do anything with me and i am here to awake the healing potentiality in this person, we take all subconciously.
So I was asking if there are some techniques how to channel this, how can a homeopath protect him/herself from those influences, on what to concentrate so that a homeopath doesn´t become sentimental or think about it even when work is over.
Perhaps I am a phosporus type, but during some consultations we did in the school I was always deeply impressed and depressed and took me about 1 whole day after to recover. And I know I don´t want this but it happens anyway and then I have to do some hard work in the house or garden for example. But it will be not possible to do that after every consultation, or I will make a homeopathic centre with a garden :)
On the other hand you can´t become a machine and take long consultations one after the other - or perhaps it is the key - with another consultation you forget the previous one and in the end you are so tired that you can´t think about anything anymore, you concentrate only on the symptoms and there is no place for shocking things....
Well anyway the time, practice and experience are the keys I suppose. I will come to this forum in some years.
And if you need help and I am near Bali or USA I would be glad to help :)
Hi Tihana

There are few techniques you can try, there are different things which affect different people/homeopaths and they also handle difficult cases differently.

The first one is to try to meet the patient and take the case with empathy not sympathy - always ask the patient the question "how does that affect you?" instead of taking the story into your heart and feel sorry for her/him.

One is to imaging youself in a soap/plastic bubble (similar to the movie "Bubble boy") this is something you do right before you meet the patient. You´ll have to spend couple of minutes doing this to prepare you mentally, and belief that the parts of the case that will normally affect you will bump into the bubble. You hear it, consider it with the whole case, but it does not get through to disturb you as a person.

And it is very necessary to feel that you are connected to your own being - feel both your feets on the ground/floor and concentrate. If you feel you are getting to much into your patient story emotionally - touch your feet and concentrate on feeling your connection to the ground and tell youself that your are not a part of his/her story, you have more difficulties to help if you get sucked in emotionally.

Note your feelings on your case-taking paper - it helps with analysing the case and also it can help you to rewind and recover after a difficult case.

Always stand up between patients - it would be perfect if you can go outside and take a deep breath and embrace yourself :D

I hope others will add their techniques and routines/methods as this is a VERY important thing - to be able to take care of yourself and your wellbeing while caring for others.

My best
Hi Gudny,
that was quite helpful. Did you learn those techniques during your homeopathy study or somewhere else. I don´t find many courses or informations wich deals with this "problem".
Have a nice day,
Hi Tihana Thanks for explaining #2
Gudny did touch on a good method,Thanks for posting your idea.

I am also a Reiki Practicioner as well as a classical Homeopath,so prior to seeing a new patient I do a few Reiki clearing/centering modalities to protect myself.

Before I knew Reiki I was a refexologist working on hundreds of people one after the other non stop,I did nothing to protect myself from absorbing 'negative' energy and got verry sick after a few months of doing this work.
Your ideas gave me new inspiration. I find the bubble technique very helpful. Do you have some links or know for some courses where this can be learnt?
Hi Tihana

Sorry for my late answer - no I have no links and I don´t think they are availabe! When I was studying this was something that my fellow students and I were also having problems with - and after many discussions we came down to this method :D - It has saved me a lot of energy when having either many clients per day or difficult cases to deal with :D It takes practise to be able to make it a natural thing for every client - but believe me you get used to it very quickly if you like the method :D

I also try to be connected to the earth/ground/floor with both feets and I really try my best to use empathy instead of sympathy. By asking the question "How do YOU feel about that" or "How does that affect YOU" ? helps you not to imagine what is going on and NOT TO TAKE the clients worries/problems into your heart.

Good luck - I´m happy you like it !!!
Hi Tihana
How are things going? - Are you practising this method - and if so - does it work for you??

My best to you!!
Hi Gudny,
sorry for a late reply. Still on a work-holiday :)....I didn't try the method for homeopathic consultations yet, but for yoga sessions and I felt less tired. Thank you...
Sunny greetings from Croatia
Hi Tihana,
there is no need for any courses, it is actually quite simple and a matter of intention along with practice. there are dos and donts but if we can move intuitively, it works all the same. Pranic healing also offers ways of detaching yourself. Reiki has an "offering" aspect before and after "taking" which is sometimes close to identifying oneself with the patient to understand and resolve problems quickly in a collaborative manner. That is, with the patient's cooperation.
Did you figure it out?


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