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Nutritional-Recipes & Diet-for-Healthy-Living (22)

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Agave Sweetener Sugar Fructose and Your Health

Agave Sweetener made under a high heat process changes chemically and ends up not a healthy food.  Agave does not contain any healing enzym…

Started by Debby Bruck

2 Jul 27, 2012
Reply by Debby Bruck

Farmers Suing Monsanto for 7.5 Million Dollars

HWC has a entire section of the network devoted to Our Earth, natural foods, promoting advocacy work, health freedom, agrohomeopathy, and a…

Started by Debby Bruck

1 Jun 24, 2012
Reply by Debby Bruck

Quinoa High Protein Seed Cooked and Raw Soaked

Quinoa sounds funny when you look at how it's spelled, but once you taste it, you will frequently use it as a side dish to complement any m…

Started by Debby Bruck

5 Jun 17, 2012
Reply by Inderjit Singh

RECIPES: Bitter Melon | Bitter Cucumber | Kerala

Vah Reh Cooks: Bitter Melon - Karela Fry "I don't know how people drink this!"   [Diabetes is at Epidemic Proportions Today] Take a look a…

Started by Debby Bruck

6 Feb 8, 2012
Reply by Debby Bruck

Salad for Colon Liver Cleanse

Salad for Colon Liver Cleanse  Courtesy of Phyllis Georgic This is a colon cleanse and liver cleanse salad that Phyllis made up and uses…

Started by Debby Bruck

4 Feb 26, 2011
Reply by Anita Maden

Nursing Mom's Nutritional Need

Mother's Nutritional Needs Water IntakeNursing mother produces about 25 ounce of milk daily. Mother needs to replace this fluid and then so…

Started by Dr.Vikas Verma

11 Dec 24, 2010
Reply by Dr.Vikas Verma

New York Media Campaign Equates Soda with Weight Gain and Fat

<Tweet This> 2012 NEWS-- NEW YORK BANS BIGGY DRINKS The city’s Board of Health approved Mayor Bloomberg’s cola-curbing plan today, ba…

Started by Debby Bruck

0 Oct 29, 2010

Corn Sugar By Any Other Name Is Still Not Healthy

Do you feel sorry for the makers, manufacturers and marketers of High Fructose Corn Sweetener? Do you think that when a group of individu…

Started by Debby Bruck

0 Sep 15, 2010

World's Most Perfect Food? AVOCADO

I am reproducing an article here on AVOCADO.I never thought that it has so many benefits.and can   be useful as regular part of our daily d…

Started by Dr. Wequar Ali Khan

9 Jun 18, 2010
Reply by Debby Bruck

A New Kind of Ice-Cream

What will they think of next is what I often say? How about Ice-Cream with Fiber and Probiotics? Would you buy it? Would you eat it? Is i…

Started by Debby Bruck

0 Nov 12, 2009


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